What causes bumps and blackheads on the lips?


Blackheads on the lip are uncomfortable but often harmless and will leave without treatment—however, many possible causes, including infections, allergic reactions, and lesions on the lips.

These blows may vary in size, appearance, and associated signs. Treatment is contingent on the cause, but a person can often routine over-the-counter medications and home remedies. Most gräber blows causes may require medical treatment.

The Herpes Enface (HSV) virus is a common viral infection that can cause ulcers on the lips and around the mouth. Herpes Labial Sohn’s small blisters are full of liquid that can be painful and pike.

The HSV is contagious, and people can quickly become easily infected by direct contact with ulcers.

The general cold herbages make clear on their own within a week or so.

How to remove grain in the fast lip: the best tips

Do you have grain in your lip and want to undo you as soon as possible? We know how annoying and anesthetics that grains can be in this area of ​​the face and, therefore, in this article, we will give you the keys to eliminate them more quickly. But, it would benefit if you kept in attention that it is not as tightening the grain and making it disappear, since hygiene measures should be taken to extremes and sabel how to perform the extraction correctly to avoid infections and prevent bacteria from Move To other areas of the face causing new impurities. So, please pay attention to the following lines and discover how to remove grain in the rapid passage of the lips through Steppe; we also show you good resources to accelerate your cure and improve the health and beauty of your skin.

Why appear pimples on the Blackheads on the lip

The pimples and grains on the lips of the mouth or the corners of these appear due to a blocking of the skin’s pores due to an excessive accumulation of sebum unseen by the sebaceous glands. When the sebum is unnecessary and remains stored in the pores and, in addition, also a collection of germ and dead cells in them, the inflammation of the area occurs and the formation of impurities.

This sebum overproduction can begin by different factors: the most common hormonal changes, stress, deficient diet, and poor quality or aggressive cosmetic products.

Clean the affected area Blackheads on the lip

Although our first impulse is to squeeze the grain to drain all the purulent material it contains, it is essential to avoid this until it is advanced. Otherwise, the pressure exerted can cause bacteria to spread to other areas that cause new pimples and increase the risk of unsightly scars that can not delete below.

Therefore, the first thing to do before removing a grain into the lip is to focus on cleaning the skin from the affected area so that the impurity is cured and reduced. There are some tips that you must take into account to do a good cleaning when grain or several invade the area of ​​the mouth:

Verwendung A soft facial cleaning gel, Comedogenic Keene, and rinse with warm water avoiding boiling water that irritates the skin even more. This cleaning must be recurrent every day on two occasions, in the morning and by the NOCH.

Pat the dry area with a clean cloth and without pressing too much.

You can then apply a benzoyl peroxide lotion indicated to treat acne or specific creams to remove pimples and black spots sold in pharmacies in the grain. They work against tough spots and eliminate pores well.

Finally, you can also spread over a moisturizer to the area if antiacne-previous lotions have left the skin very dehydrated. In this situation, it must also be a exact cream for fat or prone to acne.

Avoid using aggressive facial brushes or scrubs when impurity is present on the lips.

DAMPF helps open the pores

there is a very effective GESICHTS cleaning technique: DAMPF cleaning. Do you know what it is? The hot water Damp used to make a kind of fog and get all the pores of the face to open and clean in-depth, thus favoring the elimination of all pimples.

Follow these steps to open your pores with DAMPF in the right way:

Fill a pot in half with water and put it on fire. You must remove it from heat just before it reaches the boiling point.

Please put it on a table and wait a bit, so you do not burn.

Cover your head with a towel and place your facial near the pot, so it is water-logged in which DAMPF.


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