What Can We Do For Healthy and Strong Hair?

Strong And Healthy Hair Outside the treatments prescribed by a specialist, these are expert advice in maintaining strong and healthy hair:

Maintain a Sensible Diet, Ironic in Vitamins and Minerals.

The deficiency of specific vitamins and minerals is the goal for the appearance of several kinds of alopecia. Most incredible essential nutrients for hair health, which add to our routine with a nutritional complement or with minor changes in the diet:

The protein that has oxygen to the body. It is therefore essential that oxygen reaches the root of the hair. It made in beans, spinach, or liver meat.

Zinc: benefits nutrient absorption and stimulates hair development. Create in clams, red meat, cheese, or hazelnuts.

OMEGA-3: This nutrient supplement helps increase capillary density and stop hair loss. Olive oil, fatty fish, and seafood are rich in omega-3.

Vitamin A: is responsible for the production of sebum, which moisturizes the scalp. If there is a lack of vitamins, hair growth slows down, and the mane is dried. The eggs, carrots, broccoli, or spinach are rich in vitamin A.

Biotin: It is one of the vitamins B. A deficiency of this vitamin causes weaker hair so that continuing a reasonable level is essential to stop hair loss. The condition is present in eggs, milk, or bananas.

Cystic is an amino acid that is part of the proteins that make up hair fibers. Integrating it into our body, either through the diet (green beans, broccoli, cheese) or a supplement, will strengthen hair health.

Avoid Stress.

Be a problematic opinion to follow at certain times of life. However, exercise regularly contributes to reducing levels of anxiety and stress that may cause Téleno fragrances. In addition, doing sport encourages blood flow and makes it better for the scalp.

Dry Without Aggressiveness.

Make sudden and powerful movements to dry at the towel. The hair fried more and can also damage the central fiber. It is preferable to make subtle movements and use very soft materials, preferably cotton.

Hair Massage.

The massage incorporation into our care routine will help increase the blood flow to hair follicles, thus reinforcing the roots.

Do Not Abuse Dryer And Iron.

The heat of the drying and blowing hairstyle can severely damage the scalp, which causes the hair to below, dry, and fall. It is better to use a thermal shield for those who do not want to give up these tools.

Escalate Dew, On The Other Hand, Recommends

  1. Massage the scalp with hair oil before washing. With this massage, we activate the microcirculation, making the processing apply later more efficiently.
  2. Choose a processing shampoo (anti-hair, fortifying loss) to treat the scalp and other shampoos to take care of the hair (depending on their characteristics: color hair, thin hair, curly hair)
  3. Apply the conditioner or mask according to the type of hair.
  4. Apply anti-loss treatment, which will help improve hair anchor, scalp microcirculation, and nutrient power supply.
  5. Keep healthy habits, a healthy and balanced diet, avoid stress practicing sports, maintain good sleep hygiene, etc.

Natural medicine

The first and most straightforward consequence that Cafenet’s president gives us would be “add a spoonful of the yeast and Brewer wheat germ to our breakfast.” The ideal would start, “Take it 21 days before the change of season and keep it up to 21 days later.”

It also emphasizes the importance of emotional balance: “An important factor triggers hair loss because scientific studies show stress. Excessive tension maintained over time causes capillary fragility and, therefore, hair loss Meditation or yoga can help us balance emotional imbalances caused by our work or personal life.”

San Antonio-Abad, stresses the importance of “taking time for ourselves and setting small goals. For example, today I’m going to spend three minutes staying comfortably,

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