Breakfast is the Highest Essential Meal of the Day

Breakfast Sure. In that order of simplicity and with the same arguments (i.e., without), we could say that Darth Vader is the hideous villain of all time, worse than Cruella de Val or Voldemort. I know it’s hard to get lost in these breakfast messages that have almost burned our conscience, but it is not the most important meal of the day, nor is it a weight loss aid per se, nor is it an ideal breakfast?


Thinking that it is essential would leave other shots that we take in a terrible place throughout the day. The fact that breakfast is a protective element against obesity is at least one assumption, as has been emphasized in various studies and reviews on this topic, for example, here or here (p. 10). And here are just as many different ways to propose an ideal breakfast as lunch or dinner: infinite. A particular food industry tried to convince us what our perfect breakfast should be like if the ideal for them is that we have breakfast with their products.

If there are several healthy foods in your nature, they will remain no matter what time you eat them. So don’t let the advertising dictatorship rub off what’s ideal for your breakfast (as long as you do). You have a roundup of the breakfast myths in this post and this one. And think of the possibility that if your breakfast doesn’t look like they do in these ideal ads, you are looking for a better breakfast.

Breakfast A Glass of Milk will Help you Fall a Sleep

It is more wrong than a sincere friend of Paquirrín’s . This myth about milk’s sleeping properties by para-scientific arguments emphasizes that milk contains tryptophan and that this amino acid is necessary for synthesizing serotonin and melatonin, as both neurotransmitters are related to rest and the cycle of the dream. Vigil. It does, but it’s not an amount that will pull your hair out: without going any further, a typical serving of desalinated cod is ten times as much.

In addition, once incorporated, the famous tryptophan must condensation, absorbed, and redirected to the neurons where the neurotransmitters, as mentioned earlier, are made, to be subsequently released in a process that can easily take 12 to 24 hours. So if you believed the glass of milk, sleep, and tryptophan, don’t even think about trying as God intended .you will most likely fall into a coma or at least under for a week. If you hunger to learn more about the falsehood of this myth, take a look at this post that proves a bacon sandwich is the same or more when a glass of hot milk helps you sleep.

Breakfast Diet will Help you Lose Weight

It’s a fat mistake, and of course the most common one: are you overweight? The most commonly suggested solution is diet. Everyone knows that. However, as we discussed recently here, contrary to the apparent logic, dieting implies an increase in the risk factors that lead to overweight and obesity. And the more diets, the higher the risk.

It’s like turning right in a car; the steering wheel angle in that direction, but it moves to the left contrary to expectation. The same goes for everyday diets. The conclusion couldn’t be more apt: Diets don’t lose Weight; they make you fat. To deepen the arguments, I recommend you not miss any detail of this video, a TedTalk in which Sandra Aamoth (Editor of Nature magazine) explains why diets don’t work as everyone expects, if not the other way around.

Meat is the Most Protein-Rich Food Group.

I do not want to refute such claims, often accompanied by a touch of unrestrained diet. However, I will make an exception and comment on the work. Although meat is eminently rich in protein and, depending on the variety, also in fat, its proportion is generally far from the highest if we consider all food families. Anyone who thinks of eggs or fish to refute the protein hegemony of meat is also very confused.

In general, legumes are the ones that, on average, have a higher percentage of protein for the same amount of product. Protein content in most types of meat is between 16 and 21%; in legumes, the protein content is between 22 and 36%, according to the source used. I know that there is a problem with protein quality


The superiority of breakfast, the sleep power of milk, or the protein superiority of meat are nutritional myths that we have heard. And they have no scientific basis.

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