Start Your Perfect Facial Routine

Facial Routine We all know it: in the morning, every minute is money. But did you know that a perfect facial routine doesn’t take more than 5 minutes? Only with this will we take care of our skin every day without much effort and achieve good long-term results, keeping our skin healthy. We have started

Start Your Perfect Facial Routine By Removing Waste And Impurities

Cleanse your face with gentle, moisturizing micellar water such as ISDIN Micellar Solution. During the night, our skin accumulates contaminants and sebum residues that must eliminate in the morning before continuing the rest of the routine steps.

If You Need To, Apply An Eye Area.

It is advisable to use the eye area every day, always after cleansing the face. It is a very delicate and fragile area because the skin around the eyes is the thinnest and most sensitive of the entire face, so you need a product specially formulated for this area.

Apply a small amount on the ring finger and apply it around the eye with light touches, without dragging the product, or use your applicator and massage the cold effect, which will help decongest the area.

Brighten Your Skin With An Antioxidant Serum

If we want to have radiant skin prepped for the day, our face routine can’t be lacking in a good antioxidant serum. Apply a serum with fresh, pure vitamin C like Flavor-C Forte. In addition to protecting your skin after oxidative stress, vitamin C helps restore radiance and stimulates collagen synthesis. Flavio-C Forte contains vitamin E in addition to vitamin C, an antioxidant ingredient that works synergistically with vitamin C, enhancing its antioxidant effect. Its innovative powder format will surprise you. It helps keep vitamin C fresh until needed.

Hydrate Your Skin

Due to your skin type and needs, you might not need to apply cream after the serum, but this is an excellent option if you want to add an extra on anti-pollution, remodeling, and anti-glycation. Its key ingredient, carnosine, helps delay the formation of advanced glycation end products (AGEs) that age the skin. And its content of cross-linked hyaluronic acid and Syn-Hycan helps redefine and reshape the facial contours.

Finish Your Perfect Facial Routine With Sunscreen

Finally, apply sunscreen. Routine cannot miss it. The yes or yes step in your morning. A perfect option is to use a tinted sunscreen like Age Repair Color, as it saves you the next step in your beauty routine, makeup, leaves you with a beautiful instant effect, and offers an anti-photo triple impact. -Action of aging.

How To Clean The Face Properly

Primary, wash your hands well with soap and water to effectively clean your skin.

Then remove your makeup, and it’s with moisturizing milk, micellar water, or your favorite product.

Then it’s time to cleanse your skin with an effective product.

In the face or beauty routine, the order of the products changes the result. We leave you the universal guide to know how to apply your beauty products correctly.

We’ve all wondered What I must wear first, the cream or the serum? How should I carry out my daily facial routine to get the most efficiency from the products I use?

If you’re not doing well or aren’t sure what action to take, do worry! Here we explain the correct way to do it.

Once we know what each product is for, we need to learn how to apply them correctly. Changing the order of the products should not pose a risk to the skin, but we will waste time and money as the products will lose their effectiveness.

Steps To Follow For An Excellent Facial Routine

Attentive to the steps to follow and a lot of patience.

At first, it might take a little longer to go through the whole process, but when you do it for several days, you will see how super easy it is! It will cost you nothing to implement this routine in your daily care.

Cleanse the face with micellar water, foams, soaps, or face cleansing gels. After application, remove the product with plenty of water and dry the skin. It is the most crucial step of all and should be mandatory. Hygiene cosmetics make it possible to eliminate endogenous (sweat) and exogenous soiling (dust, pollution, other cosmetics) and dead skin cells without disturbing their barrier function. In this way, we eliminate the pea

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