Is There any Aesthetic Treatment for Horizontal Neck Lines on Neck

Lines on neck Is There any Aesthetic Treatment for Horizontal Neck Lines

Wear They are known as “necklaces of Venus” on the horizontal lines Lines on Neck

Horizontal neck folds form with age Lines on neck,

exposure to sunlight, genetic predisposition, and a downward sleeping position.

Treatments with PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma

Treatments with DOP tension threads

Hyaluronic acid “posterior cerclage”

Calcium hydroxyapatite (Radiuses or Tellanes)

Combined with moisturizing vitamins and hyaluronic acid

Combination of double chin treatments with lipolysis

These are treatments that are increasingly in demand in counseling Lines on neck.

Lines on neck In winter, the neck looks like a forgotten area, hidden under clothing, but when it is time to expose it, the so-called rings of Venus can turn us upside down.

It said that actual age is revealed in the hands and neck, as exposed as the face, but whose skin we do not care for with the same intensity. Another factor directly related to the appearance of wrinkles on the neck is genetic predisposition. If we add to these bad habits such as sunbathing, tobacco consumption, or even long hours on the phone, the number and depth of these wrinkles multiply. There are various techniques for preventing its intensity and treating it, from daily care routines to radiofrequency or micro-transplants. We spoke to specialists to find out why wrinkles appear on the neck, how to avoid them, and, most importantly, how to treat them.

Neck wrinkles, what they are, why they appear and how to treat them

Posture is a significant contributor to the appearance of wrinkles in the neck area, but sagging due to collagen loss is another factor that should not neglect.

some practices are part of our everyday life, and that promote the appearance of neck wrinkles. And also Excessive exposure to the sun accelerates skin aging due to oxidative stress and the resulting loss of collagen and moisture. We often forget to give the area the attention it deserves, and when we apply our serums or creams. We fail to spread them around the neck, not to mention the sunscreen.

The first thing is to determine what type of wrinkles they are

According to Dr. José María Franco Genogram, minor wrinkles appear due to damage to the most superficial structures of the skin. Which is mainly related to excessive exposure to the sun or smoking. For example. The simple gesture of pursing your lips to expel cigarette smoke causes the wrinkles around the mouth to multiply, on the other hand, thicker wrinkles are usually associated with significant weight loss or a loss of elasticity and sagging due to age. And also  “Neck wrinkles are not expression lines; they are static, horizontal wrinkles and form when the skin becomes saggy due to the lack of collagen and elastin in the skin,” says Dr. Carla Barber.

An irregular diet and the abuse of toxins such as tobacco or alcohol also have their degree of guilt, according to Dr. Marta Villanelle, at the I dermic Clinic, who also reveals a new gesture that you are sure to perform every day

Change of routines

It is in our power to follow habits that delay its occurrence. For example, we spend a high percentage of our day sleeping. And Patricia Cuenca points to these hours – you’d better stick to the recommended 8 hours – as an important reason: “If we do it on the side and do it shrunk, we prefer its looks.” She says. The solution?

Try to maintain the posture and sleep back, and a gesture recommend to delay the appearance of wrinkles on your facial.

Another tip, according to experts, is the regular use of masks.  Dermo cosmetics (creams) help moisturize the skin in the area and can delay the appearance of wrinkles. But they are not very effective at improving wrinkles that have already formed.

The centered facial gymnastics, responsible for the platysma muscle that tightens the neck wrinkles. And also suggests that Marta Villanelle can also help delay the onset of neck wrinkles. And also In the market. It is easy to find all kinds of masks and paraphernalia to keep a slack person

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