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Salon Interior Design Do you have plans to decorate your living room or renovate your space? You’ve come to the right place because Minerva is the one-stop-shop for all things living room interior design, especially for those looking to decorate their home. In this article, we’ll talk about all the salon interior design knowledge you need to do it yourself with insights from leading professionals in the beauty industry.”

Get ready to give your living room the ultimate facelift with an attractive interior design.

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1 Space Planning

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Every square foot of your salon holds value. We will maximize the function and profitability of your investment whether it be a 1000 square foot salon, 6000 square foot salon suites or 12,000 square foot beauty school. Proper space planning is the structure and template for great salon design. It is essential that your entire salon, salon suites or cosmetology school be planned, designed and dialed in for maximum efficiency and beauty.

+ Space Plans

+ Floor Plans

+ Furniture Layout

+ Lighting Plans

+ Electrical Plans

+ Plumbing Plans

+ Reflected Ceiling Plans

02 Interior Design

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We design and detail all facets of a salon interior from reception and retail to cutting, color and shampoo areas. We plan and design salons, salon suites and cosmetology schools. We also specialize in lighting design and architectural elements which are key components in the most impactful designs. These, combined with our inspiring materials and finishes, allow us to create a unique space and distinctive brand custom-designed just for you.

+ Salon Design

+ Salon Suite Design

+ Furniture & Fixture Design

+ Lighting Design

+ Interior Branding

+ Materials & Finish Selection

+ Project Management

03 Manufacturing Services

Electrical & Electronics Manufacturing ERP Software

We have over twenty six years of manufacturing experience and the facilities and tooling to transform your salon design from virtual to reality. We will custom design and build every component in your salon. Our highly skilled craftsmen will bring your vision to life.

+ Salon Furnishings

+ FF&E Production

+ Architectural Millwork

+ Architectural Metals

+ Signage & Lettering

+ Printed Graphics

+ Retail & Merchandising Displays

+ Upholstered Goods

04 Installation

We offer white-glove installation services for everything we manufacture. Sit back and watch us make it happen.View Now We’ll coordinate with shipping companies and contractors to ensure your space comes together without a hitch. This allows you to have the craftsmen who built your furniture and fixtures install it the way it was meant to be installed.

+ Packing & Crating

+ Shipping Coordination

+ Off Loading

+ Assembly

+ Complete Installation

+ Contractor Coordination

The Best Living Room Interior Design Ideas And Aesthetics

Before we look at how to personalize your living room and give it the look you’ve always dreamed of, let’s talk about the most popular living room design and aesthetics. Of course, your salon or boutique doesn’t have to fall into these categories, as it can have its own unique style and aesthetic. However, most salon aesthetics and looks will largely be based on the following.

The top salon living room

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Modern – Modern living rooms tend to have a more minimalist look when it comes to décor. They prioritize clean lines, neutral colors like black and white with bold pops of color used sparingly and sparingly. Modern looking salons use sleek and luxurious salon equipment – think black and white.

Boho Chic – The boho chic aesthetic is a look that has become very popular recently. In these living rooms, you’ll see lots of warm neutrals – think beige, green, clay, etc. – and lots of natural plants and foliage. Crochet accents look great in these living rooms.

Rustic: Rustic living rooms pay homage to the “barn look.” With lots of reclaimed or whitewashed wood, the rustic look brings out the natural features of a living room. Common accents you’ll see in a rustic living room are fairy lights, tins, and inspirational signs. Rustic salons also often use wooden styling stations.

Industrial – The industrial aesthetic is commonly found in beauty salons, as these design elements tend to be a bit more masculine. You can also have a natural industrial looking living room depending on where you decide to settle. For example, living rooms in lofts or remodeled buildings often have a natural industrial look. This aesthetic prioritizes exposed pipes, steel, concrete, and brick.

The Minerva Style Guide is a great resource for salon owners and designers! Whether you’re a design expert or just need some fresh ideas, this style guide can point you in the right design direction.

Differentiate your salon with new technology

When you take a look at the other salons you will be competing with, where can you set yourself apart in terms of design and innovative technology used in your salon? For example, do you have iPads that clients can use while they wait or when they check in at the salon’s front desk?

“Design should be built around the customer experience,” says Robert Cromeans, global art director, chief business officer at John Paul Mitchell Systems, and owner of the famed Robert Cromeans salon in San Diego. Cromeans is said to be one of the best known hairstylists and artists who owns six salons and serves as the global art director for John Paul Mitchell Systems. “The combination of touch and technology is also important

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