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Daily disguise a fashion and beauty blog by lucy the writer and creator of The Daily Costume, has a passion for fashion and beauty. She especially loves everything different, unique and quirky. You’ll always find her trying out new products and being creative with her makeup and clothes.

Lucy also loves to share her style with everyone in The Daily Disguise and offer tips on improving one’s appearance to stand out from the crowd! The Daily Disguise will be updated every day of the week, so check it out! Enjoy your stay!

What is new on the catwalk, which beauty products are trending, and what’s on sale at local boutiques and stores—you want to know it all, and Lucy wants to be the one to tell you!

About The Daily Disguise – A Fashion And Beauty Blog By Lucy

About The Daily Disguise – A Fashion And Beauty Blog By Lucy

Lucy is an keen fashion and beauty enthusiast who has always loved reading about fashion and beauty news. Inspired by her favorite magazines like Vogue, Elle, and Cosmopolitan, she created a blog where she could share her thoughts on the latest in fashion and beauty trends with other fans of these industries.

From breaking down, the latest runway collections to sharing some of her most recent beauty find, The Daily Disguise is the perfect blog for anyone looking for Inspiration. Whether you’re interested in discovering the newest beauty products or want to know what your favourite celebrities are wearing on any given day, this blog will have something up your alley.

When Did The Daily Disguise Found

When Did The Daily Disguise Found

Lucy started The Daily Disguise in 2010 after she read an interview with Coco Chanel in which the legendary designer said that a woman who doesn’t wear perfume has no future. Inspired to create a unique blog based on her style, Lucy explored her love of fashion and beauty.

She quickly discovered that finding high-quality products at reasonable prices was more difficult than she thought. Hence, she created this blog to document her shopping experiences with reviews and recommendations for both men and women. She also includes tips for dressing well when work is business casual or professional attire-appropriate.

What Is Lucy’s Approach To The Blog?

What Is Lucy’s Approach To The Blog_

Lucy’s approach to The Daily Disguise concerns fashion, beauty, and her life. She wants to share how she lives her life with her readers so they can get some inspiration for their own lives. In The Daily Disguise, you’ll find posts about fashion trends, makeup tips, hairstyles, beauty products reviews, home decorating ideas and DIY projects.

There will be plenty of content that’s engaging and fun to read! It’s not just a blog–it’s more like an online magazine where you’ll always have something new to learn every day. Readers are invited to subscribe in the top right corner to never miss out on any further updates.

Don’t forget to comment if you enjoy the blog or if there is anything you would like us to post in the future!
There are some goals Lucy has set for herself, such as becoming one of the top blogs in her niche and ranking higher on Google searches than other sites in this category. Her ultimate goal?

Dreams of Lucy’s future with her blog

Dreams of Lucy’s future with her blog

Lucy’s blog is a place to share her interests in fashion and beauty with the world. She hopes it will grow into a successful business with readers from all over the world. It would be great if she could make a living out of her love for fashion and beauty.
She has dreams of being able to work on the blog full-time while still doing something else on the side to make some money so that she can live comfortably.

If this does not happen, she will continue working towards her goals slowly but surely.
Lucy looks forward to travelling more often and enjoying herself at work because she loves what she does! Lucy works as a waitress at an Italian restaurant during the day, giving her time during the evening hours to work on the blog.

Lucy’s Inspiration for her blog

I enjoy makeup, hair, and clothes to create different styles. I like to share my favourite outfits from around the internet and get feedback from readers on what they think of them. also enjoy reading about new beauty products and will include that in my posts.

The best part about running this blog is getting to know so many people worldwide who are just as interested in fashion and beauty as I am! I recently started a little series called What’s In My Bag? where I take pictures of what I carry daily for school or work and then tell you why these items are essential to me.

Recent posts from Daily Disguise

We show you how to style your hair, makeup, clothes, and more daily. We also feature the latest trends in fashion and beauty . So if you are looking for outfit inspiration or tips on how to style your hair, make sure to check us out.

As always, we do love to get from you guys! Comment below with your thoughts on this post or what you want us to cover next! For example, maybe you’ve struggled to find the right hairstyle for your curly locks and would like help. Share your requests below!

What Is Lucy’s Approach To This Blog?

What Is Lucy’s Approach To This Blog_

Lucy wants current fashion standards that include every woman regardless of age, weight, height, body shape, and skin colour. No woman has to wear something just because it is trending. Lucy wants to build confidence in women to wear what they feel comfortable and good. And do not let anyone dictate what you should or shouldn’t wear.

In daily disguise, Lucy puts stress on the reality that every woman, regardless of the beauty standards that have been made, is pretty. She has tips and suggestions for moms and moms-to-be who do not have time. Lucy encourages and inspires mothers to take time out of their kind responsibilities and do what they like.


daily disguise a fashion and beauty blog by lucy is a fashion blogger from London, England, who reviews the latest clothing trends. She also loves to offer advice on how to nail the perfect makeup look and shares her favorite beauty products. If you want to stay up-to-date with the latest fashion trends, then be sure to check out The Daily Disguise! I hope you enjoyed reading my post. Stay tuned for more posts soon!

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