7 Bronde Hair Color Ideas to Try This Season

When cooler weather rolls around, many people consider swapping their light-colored locks for a darker shade. But what color should you choose? That’s where the bronde hair color comes in! Read on to discover what bronde is along with some color options to try this season.

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What Is Bronde?

Bronde is a hair color that is exactly what it sounds like — a mixture of brown and blonde. The best of both worlds! This common hair trend is taking over right now because there are so many gorgeous variations. You can opt for a more subtle, natural bronde that incorporates shades of slightly different tones or you can go all out with dark roots to bright blonde ends. It’s a beautiful style that works on all hair types, and you can make your bronde look completely your own.

How to Achieve Bronde Hair Color

When you go to the salon, your stylist will use professional hair color to get the right bronde tone, regardless of your end goal. A level of precision and planning is necessary to achieve the right look and get those different colored strands flowing into each other naturally. For people starting with brown hair, your stylist will have to lift some pieces to achieve the light blonde tones, while those with lighter hair need to add some dark color. Using salon developer will ensure that you get the best color with minimal damage.

How to Care for Bronde Hair

After any type of hair processing, it’s essential to pay attention to what your hair needs. Lifting can often cause hair to become a bit dry or brittle, but there are many ways to avoid this. Reduce your use of heat tools, use moisturizing products and avoid washing your hair more often than necessary. Ask your stylist for their expert recommendations as well.

Bronde Hair Color Ideas to Try

  1. Bronde with Chunky Highlights

This is a statement hairstyle that does not try to be subtle — but don’t think of chunky highlights as those same cringe-worthy styles of the past. Chunky highlights today can look bold and well-blended for a statement hairstyle. Start with darker tips and add in light, chunky highlights throughout the hair to create a gorgeous bronde look. This style tends to work better on longer hair as there is more length to spread out the chunky highlights and darker tones, but it could work on many hair styles.

7 Bronde Hair Color Ideas to Try This Season (2)

  1. Blonde Espresso

This is the perfect bronde look for someone who wants to keep darker tones in their hair with a slight hint of lighter tones. Blonde espresso typically varies from a medium to light brown, seamlessly blending the shades together to create a soft, lighter look with plenty of lowlights.

  1. Bronde Balayage

Balayage is the perfect method for creating a stunning bronde look. This style can work with many hair types and lengths, but it tends to have the most dramatic effect on longer hair as you can extend the transition from dark to light, creating a unique blend. This hand-painted technique is the perfect way to customize a hair color for your specific face shape and hair style.

  1. Natural-Looking Bronde

If you want something more subtle, you can always go for a natural-looking bronde, which incorporates a number of different highlights and lowlights. This bronde look will create a less obvious transition from dark to light, but it will give your hair plenty of depth and dimension.

  1. Bright Bronde

Go bold with a bright bronde look, which starts medium to light brown at the roots and works its way to bright, even platinum blonde at the bottom. This is a gorgeous summertime look that will only deepen as you spend more time in the sun. However, if your hair is very dark to start, you may not be able to achieve the ultra blonde ends you’re looking for. It’s best to start slow and work your way up to lighter shades. For those with already light hair, this is an easier look to achieve, though it might require some darker color hair at the roots.

7 Bronde Hair Color Ideas to Try This Season (3)

  1. Curly Bronde Tips

Bronde color can work on any hair type, and for those with curly hair, bronde tips is a gorgeous and unique color style that stands out. Maintaining a medium to dark brown color at the roots and creating light brown to blonde shades at the tip of the hair creates depth and looks great styled down or up. The natural flow and texture of curly hair is perfect for the bronde coloring as it allows for a gorgeous seamless transition from shade to shade.

  1. Bronde Babylights

“Babylights” are a hair lightening style that incorporates very delicate, fine ultra blonde highlights into your hair. This style is meant to achieve the same type of highlights you might get from the sun naturally lightening your hair. Babylights are done in very small sections, which allows you to get some strands extremely light. When you mix these types of blonde highlights with darker brown tones, you can achieve a bronde look that really pops.

Show Off Your New Bronde Style

Using professional hair color to achieve the perfect bronde look will help you create a flawless natural color that is sure to turn heads. No matter what hair type or length you have, the bronde coloring can work for anything. Pick a style that speaks to you and try something new!

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