What are Saturated Fats ?

What Are Saturated Fats?

Saturated Fats In a healthy diet, fats are part of integrating nutrients. Vitamins such as E, A, D, and K can transport through them; they also provide us with energy; however, this does not mean that we should abuse their consumption. In this topic, we will delve into what saturated fats are.

Excess fat intake could accumulate under the skin and around some organs, harming our health by predisposing us to cardiovascular diseases—Diabetes, among others.

There are two types within the group of fats: saturated and unsaturated. And here we tell you more about saturated fats, where they found, and how much recommend per day.

Let’s See What Saturated Fats Are

Saturated fats can be of animal or vegetable origin and characterize by remaining solid at room temperature (at least in most cases). Plant-based products typically contain less saturated fatty acids than those from animal sources.

Although many saturated fats are bad, this is not true since they are necessary for a healthy diet. However, their consumption should not abuse since, in excess, they could raise the levels.

Function Of Fats

Energetic: they provide 9 Kcal. Per gram (38 Kj) is more than double the other nutrients. If fat intake exceeds daily needs, they are stored directly in fatty tissue in the form of triglycerides.

Structural: Cholesterol is part of cell membranes and is a precursor to hormonal steroids, bile acids, and vitamin D.

Passage fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, E, K, and carotenoids).

They provide essential fatty acids for the body.

They increase the palatability (make the palate more pleasant) of food.

What Products Have Saturated Fats?

Several products contain it . These are some of them according to their origin:

Product of vegetable origin with saturated fats:

  • Coconut oil (which has a liquid form).
  • Palm oil.

How Much Can Saturated Fat Consume Per Day?

Excessive eating of saturated fats can lead to health problems, such as blocked arteries, which increases the risk of a heart attack. Due to the above, the recommends that the consumption of saturated fats does not exceed 10% of daily calories. What does this mean? That would be about 20 grams a day in women (the equivalent of four supermarket sausages).

Saturated Fats In Milk And Dairy Products

Although there are saturated fats in dairy, scientific evidence does not associate these with coronary heart disease. Dairy products such as yogurts and cheeses, rich in calcium, have less impact on increasing bad cholesterol than products such as bacon. Thought to be because calcium helps regulate blood pressure; In addition, people who tend to drink extra dairy products in their diet have a healthier lifestyle.

What Are Trans Fatty Acids?

Trans fatty acids are harmful fats formed when vegetable oil hardens in hydrogenation. Hydrogenated fats, or “trans fats,” are almost always used to keep some foods fresh for a long time.

Trans fats use for cooking in some restaurants. Trans greased acids are under investigation for how they affect health. Experts want to limit the amount of these in packaged foods and restaurants.

How Do Saturated Fats Affect Health?

Heart disease. The human body needs healthy fats for energy and function. However, an excess of saturated fat can cause cholesterol to build up in the arteries (blood vessels). it raise LDL (bad) cholesterol. High LDL cholesterol growths the risk of heart disease and stroke (stroke).

Weight gain. Many high-fat foods like pizzas, bakery products, and fried foods have a lot of it fats. Overeating fat can add extra calories to your diet and cause you to gain weight. All fats contain nine calories per gram of fat. It is more than double the amount found in carbohydrates and protein. So, faced with it.  we are already getting to know a little more about the concept and its risks.


  • Moderate the amount of fat you use in your diet.
  • Prefer oil to other fats when preparing your food to avoid heart disease.
  • Prepare the rice with very little fat. Protect your family’s health.
  • Moderates the consumption of fried foods.
  • It provides for heart disease.

Use turkey or minced chicken instead of minced red meat. Take away the skin from the chicken before cooking.

For your health, avoid eating packaged foods containing many fats.

These contain high levels of transgressed acids. Now that you know what saturated fats are, we invite you to share this information on social networks. That way, we will all live in better health.

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