Edgar Haircut for Men

Edgar haircut is a cut with a high fade (often a very heavy skin fade) and a well-shaped section of short hair. It borrows elements from Caesar, the French crop, and classic cut.

Edgar is closely associated with the Caesar haircut. Edgar is a Caesar with long, faded sides. The two marginal patterns are nearly identical, but the edgar haircut is more severe than Caesar.

Who is the Edgar?

While his origins are questionable, some believe the haircut relates to baseball player Edgar Martinez. A fan shaved Martinez’s face on his head, and the resulting hairstyle (except Martinez’s image) became quite infamous.

Why Is It Called Edgar Haircut?

Why Is It Called Edgar Haircut_

It seems to originate in Mexico, also known as the coach hairstyle. “Takuache” is a Spanish word for “possum,” but it’s also a nickname for young Mexicans who love pickup trucks (and who tend to sport Edgar haircut).

Now that you know everything about the Edgar haircut check out 10 of the best Edgar hairstyles that you can have. We’ll shelter each one in detail, so you know what to ask before you head to the barbershop.

Meanwhile, Here we have found the Top 7 best Edgar haircuts for men. However, try this look. I hope you’ll like this one.

1. Simple Edgar haircut

We start this list with the most classic version of the Edgar haircut. Also known as a squash hairstyle, the Edgar haircut is a top cropped roughly like a bowl cut straight across the head.

Then the sides are faded with a high degree of contrast, and the top is usually textured or tailored. Here the hair is combed forward to give it a wavy look. Like the Caesar cut, the Edgar haircut uses straight bangs. It’s a medium-length bang, so it’s a bit longer than Caesar’s.

But it is by no means long. It is also important to note that fading begins with skin fading, meaning the top of the ear is entirely bald and gradually decreases to severe fading. This is the classic Edgar haircut.

2. Scruffy Edgar Haircut

Scruffy Edgar Haircut

A minor variation of the standard Edgar haircut is the Edgar zigzag, which disturbs the hair a bit. Since the hair is so short, the mess helps add volume and texture.

Of course, you don’t want your hair to be too messy, but a little coarse hair will go a long way. Aside from a dirty top, this is a classic Edgar, complete with straight fringes and high-side fades.

However, the disappearance shown here is a little less severe, if not much, confirming that one of Edgar’s keys is that dramatic fade.

3. Bowl Edgar Haircut

Edgar has many similarities to the new bowl cut to shape, and these similarities are fully demonstrated with this variation of Edgar. Here the hairline has a jagged edge, often seen in a bowl cut. However, the rest of the haircut is essentially classic Edgar.

As with Edgar’s, this haircut has a nice texture that also provides a generous dose of volume and helps the haircut (literally!) hold up a bit longer. The sharp fade draws the eye to the bowl line and emphasizes it.

4. Edgar Natural Haircut

If you love the overall look of an Edgar haircut but want something a little less structured, consider going for a more natural look. The cut defines styles according to the natural patterns of the hair.

This gives it a more natural look. Instead of cutting the ends straight, this style allows the hair to fall just forward and the “bowl line” to be almost wavy rather than completely straight.

This [Edgar haircut] is a decent choice if you want something more versatile. Although straight lines are part of the Edgar look, you can still achieve the spirit of the style by being more natural.

5. Quality Hair cut

If you feel he is your number one priority, look no further than this highly decorative one at Edgar. This haircut relies on layering your hair in sections while combing it forward (like the classic hair in Edgar’s photo above).

Interestingly, this cut uses a regular fade that doesn’t taper off but keeps the same length from ear to temple. Another benefit of this textured style is that it works well with almost any hair type.

So you can sport this even if you have thin and flat hair. For best results, use some hair clay (or a similarly textured product) and a sea salt spray to increase the texture and add a bit of volume.

6. Edgar Short Haircut

[Edgar haircut] can also remain worn shorter if desired. This shorter variation is inspired by bob and other haircuts, making it a hybrid haircut.

It takes Edgar’s standard formula and tweaks it a bit, especially with the natural bangs that aren’t cut straight. The longer fade also pays to the fullness of this hairstyle.

In its place of using a high skin fade, this haircut uses a gradual fade that never reaches skin level. However, you can order a higher leather fade if you want more contrast.

7. Edgar’s uneven shave

Here’s a fun twist on Edgar that has a much bigger angle. Most haircuts are standard, [Edgar haircut], but the bangs are different. It stands out in jagged cuts that protrude above the fringe line.

This creates a focal point that is sure to draw attention. The great thing about this style is that you can change its look based on your hair type.

For instance, if your hair is wavy instead of straight, you can leave two wavy sections hanging down. It’s a helpful haircut that’s great if you’re looking for a casual look with some flair.

How to Get the Fluffy Edgar Haircut

Fluffy Edgar haircut. According to hairstyling mastermind, Lisa Mitchell from HairTrends Magazine, this style is a blend of nostalgia and contemporary flair. There’s a version for everyone, no matter your face shape or hair type. Let’s joint in!

Before you dive into choosing your favorite Fluffy Edgar style, you might be wondering how to actually get the look. Don’t fret; we’ve got your back! Here’s a concise guide to ensure you nail the Fluffy Edgar haircut:

  1. Inspiration Hunt: Start by gathering some visual inspiration. Whether it’s from our earlier list, a celebrity snap, or a viral TikTok video, having a clear reference will help your stylist understand your vision.
  2. The Right Hands Matter: The Fluffy Edgar is trendy, so ensure you pick a salon or barber known for keeping up with modern cuts. A quick online review check or a chat with previous customers can give you confidence in your choice.
  3. Talk It Out: Once seated, it’s dialogue time. Show your stylist the reference images, discuss the desired length and volume, and listen to their expert information on what will best suit your face and hair type.
  4. Hair Prep: It’s best to wash your hair a day before the cut. This ensures the stylist works with your hair’s natural texture, making it easier to achieve that fluffy finish.
  5. The Transformation: Your stylist will begin the magic, crafting the cut to match your chosen style. Remember, it’s always safer to start longer—you can request adjustments as you go.
  6. Styling Session: Post-cut, your stylist will use products to give your hair the signature Fluffy Edgar volume and texture. Pay attention to the products and techniques they use—it’ll come in handy when you’re styling it yourself!
  7. Upkeep and Care: To keep your Fluffy Edgar looking fresh, book regular trims and invest in the recommended hair products. A little maintenance goes a long way in preserving that stylish look.


[Edgar haircut] is a cut with a high fade (often a very heavy skin fade) and a well-shaped section of short hair. It borrows elements from Caesar, the French crop, and classic cut.

Edgar is closely associated with the Caesar haircut. Edgar is a Caesar with long, faded sides. The two marginal patterns are nearly identical, but [Edgar haircut] is more severe than Caesar’s.

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