Make Online Cycling Your Routine

Are you fond of cycling? It has been reported that people who cycle every day are much healthier, fit, and agile than gym goers. We can relate with that too. Cycling tones your muscles by stretching them out and therefore removing excess fat surrounding them. It is easier and you can get into the habit any time you want.

On the other side, there is a new trend growing up in the world, called Online cycling. The trend was brought about by the app called Vingo. Vingo is a virtual reality app that is designed to bring the outdoors into the indoors where you exercise. So, if you are looking for a way to spice up your cycling time, Vingo is your one stop solution.

Here’s how you can use the app to get into cycling.

Create a Well-Planned Schedule

With Vingo, you can create a schedule for yourself on a daily, weekly, and on monthly basis. This way you can check your progress regularly. It is also easy with the app too. Vingo is filled with so many locations and maps. You can explore these locations while you cycle on your indoor bike. You can even fix your schedule to explore them all, one map at a time. This way you will never be bored again.

The great thing about Indoor cycling with Vingo is that it gives a mental stimulus similar to going outdoors to cycle.

Keep a Practical & Achievable Goal

To make your cycling routine more plausible, you need to set achievable targets and goals. Set realistic targets like, reducing weight by 5kgs in one month or getting fit by the next three months.

Vingo can help you achieve these targets. You can select the difficulty levels in the app and this will allow you to push harder towards your goals.

The realistic graphics in the app makes sure that you have the necessary motivation to finish your objective. You can choose any city or location as per your liking. 

Stick to Your Schedule, No Matter What

To really cement your habit of cycling, you need to keep up your schedule to the word. To make it easy, allot a specific time of your day to exercise. Fix your exercise bike in a specific spot in your house and put up a screen before it.

You can log into the Indoor cycling app at a specific time everyday and before you realize it it will become a habit for you to jump on your bike. Your progress depends on this one factor. No matter what comes, you should stay regular and keep up with your pre-planned schedule. 

Take Support from Your Friends & Family

You can also make your cycling time more interesting by inviting your friends and family into the app. You can ask them to join you on your virtual riding trips in the best run app. Afterall, Vingo is a shared experience.

So, what are you waiting for? Join Vingo, and get fit the easy way.

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