Acrylic nails or gel nails: which one to choose

Acrylic nails At this point, we’ve seen tons of new nail design ideas on Instagram, but to choose the ones that we can practice taking into account what the stores and the best nail salons have to offer, we’ve made a compilation so that you know what you’re doing on your next fall manicure.

To shape. First and foremost, short nails are still a trend because many continue to bet on the most relaxing manicure. Since we continue to use hydroalcoholic gels and constantly wash our hands, pragmatism is also reluctant to do without it in manicures. It affects the length of the nails, which prevents the build-up of bacteria and dirt. Therefore, the size of many of the proposals remains very cautious. Second, the most common shape is the square, but domestic curves also triumph because it is the most straightforward natural shape we can make ourselves with a file.


We see a lot of simple geometric designs (like tricolor manicures in shades of red) with solid monochrome hues, some with white accents, black dots, and glitter. It is also positioned as a trend to enamel a finger of any color by combining shades of the more autumnal areas.


Here we enter the palette of the more natural or nude tones, gray, blue, burgundy, and brown. Of course, any glitter color is more than welcome too.


Moisturizing and nourishing hand creams are undoubtedly still a significant success. With this in mind, the second secret to a perfect manicure is to take care of your nails and cuticles with the best oils that will keep them in good condition after so much washing and disinfecting gel. For this reason, good hand cream in the bag is always welcome, and give your hands an extra few minutes, the most beautiful gesture of beauty you can make them.

Now that these basic guidelines are clear, we’re good to go! These are the manicure trends that you can’t lose sight of this fall.

manicure ideas that will be a trend this fall

Although we most wish to wear rejuvenating manicures full of color in summer and not boring at all, today we want to anticipate the new season and tell you which nail trends will be the most this fall 2021.

It makes it clear that happy and fun designs are celebrity and influencer favorites this time of year. From the batik manicure in pastel colors by Chiara Ferragni to the Russian manicure with abstract drawings (super eye-catching) by Andrea Duro, without forgetting the designs with flowers, smiling faces, waves designs, and shades will adapt to more different temperatures).

Summer is over, and it’s time to finish our nails to kick off the season in style and glamor. We saw and got to know countless summery nail designs in this last area: from a more classic, simple, and elegant style to a more eye-catching, casual, and relaxed one.

Having your nails ready for any improvised plan or just for everyday life should become second nature. The manicure is a part of us, and it defines us, represents us, and can show part of our personality to the rest. So is reason enough to keep your nails clean and flaunt them this fall 2021?

Comfort is what catches on in many areas of fashion.

It works on the nails too. For this reason, we continue to focus on short pins, which allow a nice manicure that makes our everyday lives easier. Of course, the most common and most straightforward shape is the square, although curved nails are always successful too.

Natural tones, gray, brown, and color tones with many personalities such as burgundy or the palette of dark blue tones. The glitter, the geometric and minimalist designs, the degraded manicure, the iridescent, and the metallics will be part of our everyday life, and we will complement and always add a touch of elegance halftime look.

On this clear basis, we will know six trend designs that we will constantly see in the following autumn months:

In nail art, points will be the stars of the season’s most accessible and most minimal manicures. From nails full of white dots on a nude or shiny background to a manicure

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