How Do You Look For Engagement Ring In Your Budget?

You’ve met the person that you want to spend the rest of your life with and it’s time to take your relationship to the next level. The first step: finding the perfect engagement ring! While you want to get your partner the ring of their dreams, you also want to be mindful of your budget. You don’t want to spend so much on a ring that you have little financial reserve to put toward your wedding. It’s totally natural to feel overwhelmed by the price of an engagement ring, but with a little bit of research and planning, you’re sure to find the perfect ring for your future fiancé that will also fit your budget. Read on to learn how to look for engagement rings in your budget that your partner is sure to say “I do” to. 

Set a Realistic Budget and Stick to It

While an engagement ring is a beautiful way to commemorate the love that you and your partner share, there’s no reason to go into debt when buying one. Instead of breaking the bank when buying an engagement ring, set a budget before you start shopping and make a rule to stick to it. Some might tell you that it’s best to have about two to three months’ salary saved in order to have a good budget for a ring. But salaries differ from person to person, and you shouldn’t feel obligated to spend an exact amount of money on a ring for it to be the right one. 

Instead, take a look at your finances, and consider a budgetary range that you’re comfortable spending on a ring. Or, if there’s a certain ring that you’ve got your eye on that just might be a bit out of your budget, there’s nothing wrong with taking the time to save up extra funds that you can use once you’re financially comfortable enough to buy it. You can also have it customized or personalized it by engraving your last name wedding hashtag to make it more meaningful and memorable. By being realistic with the amount of money that you’re actually able to spend on engagement rings, you’ll be able to focus your efforts on deciding between a number of rings that will be perfect for your partner, as well as your wallet. 

Shop With the 4 C’s in Mind

When shopping for engagement rings, you’ll want to consider the 4 C’s: cut, carat, clarity, and color. These individual factors each play a role in determining the quality and cost of a diamond used in an engagement ring.  Each of the 4 C’s has its own distinct meaning: 

  • Cut: The cut of a diamond refers to the way it’s been crafted, which determines its brilliance (aka sparkle). The better the cut and brilliance of a diamond, the more expensive it will likely be. That said, there are plenty of wonderfully sparkling diamonds that come at a lower price. 
  • Carat: The carat of a diamond refers to its weight. One karat is equal to about 200 milligrams. The heavier the carat amount, the more a diamond will cost.
  • Clarity: The clarity of a diamond refers to the number of inclusions that it has. Inclusions are minor imperfections, which might detract from the cost of a diamond. 
  • Color: The color of a diamond is actually measured by how translucent it is. Diamonds that are clear tend to be on the higher end of the price spectrum. However, there are many near-colorless diamonds that are available for purchase for a lower price that look practically the same. 

When you shop with the 4 C’s in mind, you’ll be able to consider the important factors that contribute to the cost of a diamond, as well as which factors you’re willing to pay more for. Perhaps a diamond’s cut is more important to you than the clarity of it, or vice versa. By considering the 4 C’s you can help narrow down your search for a diamond, and find one in your price range that fits your specifications. 

Call In the Professionals

If you still find yourself struggling to find engagement rings that you like that are within your budget, it’s best to ask for help. There are plenty of diamond foundries that have experts on hand who you can schedule a consultation with. During your consultation, you’ll be able to outline what you’re looking for in an engagement ring, and what you’re willing to spend on one. From there, the diamond expert will give you a breakdown of what’s available in their catalog that would be best for you to purchase. 

In Conclusion

You don’t have to break the bank when buying an engagement ring for your partner. Take the time to set a budget that you’ll stick to, do your research on the 4 C’s, figure out what factors of a diamond are most important to you, and ask for the help of a diamond expert if you’re feeling lost. By following the steps above, you’re sure to find an engagement ring in your budget range that your partner will cherish.

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