High Blood Pressure – How to Fight, and More

High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure or is responsible for half of the deaths from stroke and heart disease, the leading cause of illness and death in developed countries. His diagnosis and treatment enabled the number of people suffering from this disease to have decreased significantly in recent years. Current treatments have helped reduce mortality from heart disease. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 31 percent of American adults suffered from high blood pressure in 1980. By 2014 this proportion had fallen to 18 percent.

High Blood Pressure

However, it is still a rampant disease in our country: 42.6% of the Spanish population suffer from it, although 37.4% go undiagnosed, according to the Di@bet.es study published in the Spanish Journal Cardiology (REC). The complications it can bring are serious as it puts more resistance on the heart by squeezing the arteries to carry blood to the body’s organs. For this reason, it is vital to reduce the frequency.

How to Fight High Blood Pressure?

In addition to age, diabetes, high cholesterol, and family history, there are other risk factors that we can operate on, such as stress, obesity, alcohol consumption, smoking, an unhealthy diet, a sedentary lifestyle, and salt abuse. Sometimes changing your lifestyle is enough to keep your blood pressure under control. Quitting smoking, eating as healthily as possible, exercising regularly, avoiding alcohol, and consuming less salt would be fundamental changes. Bodyweight also affects our blood pressure. For every pound of weight lost, both maximum and minimum it is decreased by one mmHg.

That is why it is crucial to promote a healthy lifestyle. Includes eating five servings of fruit and vegetables per day, reducing fats – especially saturated fats – and reducing table salt. In short, a Mediterranean diet, moderate exercise, and a relaxed life are the ABCs of fighting high blood pressure.

Which Foods take during High Blood Pressure?

Berry. According to homework published in the American Weekly of Clinical Nutrition, blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries contain anthocyanins, which protect against high blood pressure.

Plantain. Fruits and vegetables help us control blood pressure. Still, bananas have been linked to low blood pressure due to their high potassium content.

Lemon. Antioxidants and cleansing help clear stiff blood vessels, which helps prevent high blood pressure. In addition, lemon contains vitamin B, which can help prevent heart failure.

Full-grain. According to a study by Harvard University, Oats, rye, or whole grains can stabilize it . The more whole grains consumed per week, the greater the benefits.

Garlic. It helps purify the blood and the intestines, and garlic acts as a vasodilator for high pressure. A great way to consume it is to coat our toasts with garlic and add a dash of oil. Garlic in capsules or black is an excellent option for

People are more sensitive to its strong smell and taste.

According to a study by Science Daily magazine, Beetroot is adequate food for lowering it  thanks to the nitrates it contains. Nitric oxide relaxes and dilates blood vessels, improving blood flow and lowering blood pressure. Other foods high in nitrates include leafy green vegetables and carrots.

Potato. Especially toasted in potassium and magnesium, two minerals that help fight high it . Grouper, spinach, soy, and low-fat natural yogurt are also foods high in minerals.

Due to their diuretic properties, Artichokes allow the body to excrete excess fluids, which helps lower blood pressure. For this reason and later of its high potassium concentration, it is considered a natural remedy for high it .

They skimmed milk cheese. When low in fat, it can help reduce the risk of high blood pressure in women. Is the result of a study of around 3,000 women aged 54 years in 2008. Those who used them reduced their risk of high blood pressure by 11 percent.

Dark chocolate. According to a Harvard University study, consuming an ounce a day may help lower  pressure. It is rich in flavonoids, natural compounds.

It is best to consume chocolate that contains between 50 and 70 percent cocoa.

What to Avoid during High Blood Pressure?

Salt is an essential mineral, but its high sodium content causes the body to retain fluids, increasing it. The daily ration should be reduced to less than 5 grams per day, a teaspoon of coffee, but replace it with herbs and spices without sodium if you have high it . Processed foods are high in salt, so it is advisable not to include them in your diet if you have high it .

Alcohol. Although some alcoholic beverages, such as red wine, have beneficial effects on cardiovascular health when consumed in moderation, excessive alcohol can cause it to rise. One glass of plum a day for a woman and two for a man is more than enough. Everything else increases the tension.

Candy. Consuming much sugar can lead to obesity and diabetes, two conditions contributing to high it.

Red meat. The high in saturated fat increases it and hurts arterial health. Poultry and fish are good alternatives to replace them.

Margarine and butter. With normal blood pressure, consumption of margarine and butter should be moderate, and avoid those that contain trans fats. Extra virgin olive oil is the most incredible option.

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