Healthy Hair – Definition Of Healthy Hair, Cut the Extremes, Healthy Food

Definition Of Healthy Hair

Healthy hair was the hairstyle of the moment for a moment. However, should we say that the beautiful wavy lengths immediately add a glamorous side to our style and allow us to change our hairstyle as we see ourselves: in a high ponytail, in a hippie bun, in a braided braid, or even natural, cowardly.

The biggest concern is that of our hair growth. Either because it does not grow, or too fragile, or it’s too weak, or because the beginning of spring has inspired us to cut it, there are several reasons, but that our hair grows a centimeter per month, There are 100% natural treatments that will allow us to accelerate your regeneration.

Cut the Extremes

There is no secret that the hair grows faster: it must be cut short. It may seem paradoxical, but it is very logical. If we continually push our hairstyle appointment, our ends will refine, the forks will appear, and our lengths will become fragile. However, unhealthy hair becomes less quickly. Therefore, cutting the extremes will allow our hair to recover its strength and vitality and increase faster. Then we usually go to the hairdresser regularly, every 2 to 3 months, to cut a few centimeters. The more frequent the appointments, the less we will cut because our hair will be less damaged.

Healthy Food

A healthy and together diet is needed to show beautiful skin and healthy hair. To promote your regeneration, we mainly use foods rich in iron, zinc, proteins, vitamins, and essential fatty acids, such as red meat, seafood, legumes, green vegetables, fruits, eggs, GRAS NOX, OR FISH

Exfoliate the Scalp

Like the skin of the face, it must also exfoliate Althea’s scalp: the excess sebum, dead cells, films, all this and more to affect hair growth. The solution? Apply an exfoliation once a week to eliminate these impurities and purify the scalp with natural ingredients. We need coarse salt or ground coffee mixed with olive oil for this. It is applied to the root and kneaded with the fingertips in circular motions for a few minutes before the shampoo. We always finish by rinsing the shampoo with a cold water jet, which protects the scalp and gives the hair a natural shine.

Massage your Head

The scalp massage activates microcirculation that will accelerate hair growth. Two times a week, for 5 to 10 minutes, we take a little moment of sweetness when you massage the whole skull with the tips of the fingers, using circular movements. We started in the neck before climbing at the top of the head, and we finished at the temples. The massage can be performed without product or using a mixture of vague essential oils, such as pine, lemon, ylang-ylang essential oil, or thyme. In addition to doing our hair, this practice makes us well in all directions: we relax and feel better.

More Expensive

Hair masks are an essential food to accelerate hair growth. It allows you to hydrate profoundly and feed you to restore your vitality and grow faster. So, we opted for one of these natural recipes once a week.

It knows that beaver oil promotes hair growth. Rich in vitamin E, it helps strengthen our horse’s moisturizing and feeding. So, first, facilitate its request; it mixes with a lighter oil, such as olive oil or argan oil. Then we mix a spoonful of castor oil with three tablespoons of olive oil. The mixture is applied to all the scalp and hair, massaged gently for a few minutes, and sat down for at least 30 minutes before washing with a soft shampoo.

Onion Mask

There is a lot of pasta to exalt the merits of the onion in the hair. And for a good reason, onion promotes blood circulation and allows bulbs to feed better, be better, and regenerate better. Rich sulfur, this ingredient also provides hair to produce more collagen and be the best way. A miraculous ingredient!

To take advantage of all your advantages, mix an onion into a blender to extract your juice. Next, mix three tablespoons with onion juice with one spoon with oil soup.

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