DIY: 5 Christmas and New Year greeting card ideas

Making greeting cards is touching attention and a very enriching experience for children. Making a cute little card and giving it to people they care about is a gratifying activity for little ones. On the one hand, their creativity is awakened; on the other hand, they are also encouraged to practice writing. To that end, Kidlee has put together a small collection of handmade Christmas cards, New Year greeting card and holiday cards ideas to wish your loved ones a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Here are 5 DIYs to have fun with your kids.

Santa hat greeting card

Ho Ho Ho! Santa Claus hides the magic of your words under his hat! The card can also be used as a fun hat for souvenir photos!

To make this super easy card, you will need the following:


Glue stick

red coloured paper

White paper

a scissor

Embossed Christmas and New Year greeting card!

You can make an embossed tree in different colours! So this tree is made up of little origami that you add to your card. It would also be interesting to customize the latter according to your preferences: a realistic green tree? Or pink for more softness? Why not tan them for a party flavour? Let the child design their tree with any theme!

Christmas face greeting card

Have fun creating special Christmas and New Year greeting cards! And this by adding the photo of the children’s faces instead of Santa Claus. All you have to do is follow the steps in the video, starting by cutting out and colouring Santa’s face and hat. Then paste the photo that you and your child chose. Finally, once the image is inserted, let’s add the beautiful soft white beard!

Christmas at your fingertips

This card will be a lot of fun for your child. You will need paper (black and white), a pencil, scissors, tape, and most importantly, your little fingers! In addition, the child will have fun decorating the card by making the tree’s footprint appear, especially his footprint! You can find the detailed tutorial HERE!

Surprise greeting card!

If the presents are under the tree, your wishes will be hidden under Santa’s beard! Santa Claus hides your desires under his beard to pass them on to the person you offer them to. Not only is this card unusual and fun, but it’s also super easy to make. Download and print the articles HERE. Then cut out and follow the assembly steps shown; done!

What a lovely gift! Ideal greeting cards for Christmas and New Year.

Offer a pop-up card that hides a beautiful gift: a box that lets out many cute little hearts. In short, a card that is easy to make and full of sweet details! Your children can also vary the colours of the seats! Why not make stars out of hearts too? Surprise yourself with the creativity of your tricks! What better way to wish a Happy New Year?

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