Stylish Basket Bags To Refresh Your Spring Wardrobe

Basket bag, also known as “woven bags,” can be used as the ultimate beach bag or a wonderful everyday bag. Because of their nature, basket bags are a little more delicate. Still, contemporary variants include life-proofing features like leather finishings or canvas fabric infill that will help them stay a little longer despite your everyday wear and tear.

Basket Bag Designer

Basket Bag Designer

There is many Basket Bag Designer. Additionally, they no longer only exist in a select few colours of tan or brown. Instead, you can now get basket bags in colours like black or bright white, and some even include embroidery, bright charms, and embellishments that are larger than life. In addition to being the ideal complement to bikinis, floral dresses, and pretty much everything else in your warm-weather wardrobe, a roughly hewn basket also has year-round appeal due, in no little part, to its seemingly endless versatility.

Basket Bag Zara

Basket Bag Zara

A must-have item in fashion is the statement straw bag. Basic stitch details, sequins, and colour blocks add to natural raffia and basket materials for an eclectic bohemian look. So get ready, or use our new online collection to find the ideal accessory to bring on your next exotic holiday.

Basket Bag Mango

Basket Bag Mango

Mango is the best destination for beautiful, reasonably priced copies of many cult fashion accessories. The Spanish company has already perfected a duplicate of Meghan Markle’s £300 Rejina Pyo purse and the pillowy Bottega Veneta pouch (RRP: a rather eye-watering £1,990).

Mango’s version of the classic straw bag is available in two colours: leather and tan, and it goes well with everything from jeans and a simple white t-shirt to your collection of flowy summer maxi dresses.

Basket Bag Fendi

Basket Bag Fendi

The Fendi Basket bag is the brand’s most recent release. The handbag launches today, just in time for spring’s second wave of fashion, after initially appearing in Fendi’s spring 2021 runway show. The logo-embossed, ’80s-inspired basket bag seems suitable for any situation or personality. The bag pair with more crafted daytime attire, such as playsuits, slip-on sandals, matching knit separates, and sneakers. These vibrantly coloured purses seem wearable for daily use as they are aesthetically pleasing. There is also the additional eco-bonus. Each bag in the series is made entirely of PVC that has been recycled and is made chiefly from pre-consumer waste.

Shop the bag in two sizes and shades (yellow, pink, light blue, orange, and white) (medium and small.) Both have sufficient space for your essentials—phones, keys, wallets, a mask, and hand sanitisers—and may be worn cross-body if you prefer to avoid using your hands. So shop the brand-new Fendi basket bag for the forthcoming sunny, warm months.

Straw Basket Bag

straw basket bag

The basic straw bag is one accessory that screams “summer,” if such a thing exists. Weaved basket bags, which use raffia, straw, bamboo, and jute, shot to fame in the 1970s thanks to Jane Birkin, but they have never been more popular.

Wiltshire Bud Little Basket Bag

The straw basket bag has a traditional aesthetic. It is handwoven from palm leaf that has to gather naturally. It includes two leather handles and a sizable plaque printed with the Liberty symbol. Also has a detachable zippered pouch with a lovely Wiltshire Bud print to secure your essentials.

Hasani Moroccan

The Hasani Moroccan handcraft in Morocco from real palm leaves. The classic straw bag has two long handles, making it simple to carry and enough room to accommodate your necessities.

Straw Tote

An essential beach item is an extra-large straw tote. It has two woven handles, a little inner pocket, and an entire fashion of paper straw. As a result, there is enough space for all your beach day necessities.

Bibi Straw Cross Body Bag

For the summer, the bibi cross-body bag has been redesigned. This version has a straw structure and tan details for a rustic appearance. In addition, it has an adjustable strap and a fold-over zip pouch in the same little style as the original Bibi.

History Of Straw Bags

Straw bag handbag art is a centuries-old practice rooted in cultural pride, a manifestation of art and cultural custom. For sure, history wolves into its threads. According to history, weaving and using straw material have been practised since before the Spanish Era. Straw handbags thought to have originated in the Philippines. Many Straw bag handbags only create for export around the world. Who’d have guessed? Straw handbags make using a basic weaving technique similar to basket weaving. Due to the low flexibility of straw, these woven fabrics require less tension and can integrate a weaving pattern that produces varied designs or even a combination of clashing colours.

Straw bag material The fibres vary depending on the origin and might include plant fibres such as raffia, lupus, tikog, bancuan, pandan, and seagrass. As a result, a wide range of textures and styles suit our individual preferences. Furthermore, these totes are long-lasting and high quality, requiring only spot cleaning with water and a moist towel. Care for this long-lasting basic bag-perfect!


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