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Wow Devastation Evoker Bis Dragonflight Pre-Patch Phase 2 is just days away, and Dracthyr Evoker will finally be playable on Live servers. Having received many questions and requests on how to build and play Devastation Evoker at level 60 during the remaining two weeks of the pre-patch, Iive compiled a Devastation Evoker quickstart guide for Dragonflight Pre-Patch in this post, covering talent builds, secondary stats, legends, alliances, etc. Enjoy.

Hands-on impressions of Devastation Evokerwow devastation evoker bis (1)

Devastation Evoker, as a spec, efforts on red and blue magic. Red focuses on AoE, and blue on Single Target and Cleave. You’ll have a few black, bronze, and green spells in the base talent tree, but they’re all based on utility and healing. It is a mid-range DPS Caster. Your damage abilities range 25 yards, meaning you’ll max out between melee and ranged DPS. It seems a little strange at first, like if you know went DPS classes, you’ll want to start throwing at 30-40 yards, but you’ll get used to it after playing with it for a while.


Evokers use a new resource called Essence. By default, it starts at 5, but this can be increased to 6 with Power Link. It recharges over time like DK runes and can only be restored one at a time.

key spells

Living Flame (red) is one of your fill spells as an evoker. It can heal if cast on a welcoming player or inflict damage if cast on an enemy. As for fill spells can be made even more powerful when combined with talents like Engulfing Blaze/Ruby Embers (split choice of skills), jumping flames, or Ancient Flame.

Azure Strike (Blue) is your other fill spell. An instant extent that attaches to 2 targets, amount of targets can be increase with talent options.

utility spells

Basis of Magic is a buff that can only cast on Healers. Using an allowed spell will restore 0.5% of their mana. It will be equivalent to one or two mana potions during an encounter.

Fly With Me is a movement cooldown you place on extra player that allows you to pick up that player and fly them to another location. It can also be combined with talent.

Twin Protector to provide both players with a protection representing 30% of their HP.

Oppressive Roar is a conical attack that deals no damage but leaves a debuff on the board, increasing the duration of Crowd Control by 50%. It can be combined with

the Overawe talent, which adds an Enrage suppression to it. Additionally, with Overawe for each dispelled Enrage, the cooldown is reduced by 20 seconds.

Powerful spells

These are new types of attacks for Evokers. You tap the ability, then hold it until it’s in the range you want to cast it to. It will usually be at maximum capacity due to synergies with Power Swell and Tyranny. Still, there may be use cases to cast the spell earlier, such as using Eternity Surge on fewer targets. Something to remember for Power Swell is that the buff capped at 8 seconds, so you don’t want to use Fire Breath and Eterenity Surge in a row because you’ll lose some of that buff’s duration.

These are long-duration spells, and you are immobile when cast, but you can reduce the cast time of empowered attacks with the Imminent Doom talent. You can also instantly cast an allowed spell at the maximum range every 2 minutes with the Tip the Scales (Bronze) talent.

Gasoline Explosion

Towards the start of the Havoc talent tree, you’ll have two options you won’t evade. These are Ruby Essence Burst and Azure Essence Burst. These give Living Spark and Blue Strike a chance to activate Essence Burst

You can also choose the Essence Attunement talent to have up to 2 stacks of Spirit Burst, allowing for more rotation flexibility as you won’t need to immediately prioritize spending Essence Burst immediately. Master’s degree

Mastery: Giant Killer increases the damage of all your abilities. However, this buff reduced when the enemy has a lower health percentage. Based on my testing, Mastery’s buff stopped at 30% Mob Health.

At 100% HP, you will fully benefit from Mastery, and at 30% or less, you will gain no benefit; between these thresholds, its power gradually reduced.

However, with the Ruin talent, you gain full mastery benefits all through Dragonrage and Deep Breath.

You gain 2.5% mastery per genius point (35 grades at level 60), so it’s a pretty powerful stat, but the downside is that when you’re fighting a target with a low percentage of HP, and you don’t you’re not in Dragonrage, you don’t benefit from Mastery. Everything needs a downside.


These builds are missing a talent point in the class tree to spend on the second Tyranny point and a talent point in the evocation tree to spend on Zephyr.

Blue Building

This build focuses entirely on Blue Magic, excels at Cleave scenarios, and has sound single-target damage output. Therefore, I would say this build is the one you can consider for Mythic+ style scenarios.

What is the Conjurer of Devastation?wow devastation evoker bis (2)

Devastation Evoker World of Warcraft’s newest ranged DPS specialization with the Dragonflight expansion. As members of the new Dracthyr race, these once-proud soldiers of Neltharion wield the powerful magic of the five dragon flights, with Devastation specializing between the focused, crushing Spellfrost magic of the blue dragonflight and the explosive rapid fire damage of the Dragonflight. Red dragons.

At its core, Devastation Evoker offers a refreshingly compact set of offensive tools. It presents the player with a simple challenge: As a ranged caster, break the 25-meter casting range restriction and maximize the availability of your most damaging spells.

What talents should I use at level 60?

The following templates offer suggested talent builds for Raid, Mythic+ Dungeons, and Open World, especially for level 60 characters, and are missing all of the critical skills that would be includ in a specific group 70 build.

I generally encourage everyone to take some time during pre-patch to experiment with different spells and builds to get a general feel for the spec. Wow Devastation Evoker Bis These builds are provided explicitly as a freebie for those who might feel lost with the new talent system or want to max out their performance on pre-patch content.

What is the general rotation of Devastation Evoker?

Wow Devastation Evoker Bis I’ll cover some of the main spinning ideas in this section, but check out my complete spinning guide for a detailed look at opening and spinning.

Dragonrage (Greater Cooldown)

Wow Devastation Evoker Bis Dragonrage is Devastation’s largest two-minute offensive cooldown. While it can be delaye for additional Tyranny value, you’ll still cast it with Bloodlust when possible, so expect to open Dragonrage reasonably often.

Cast buff spells during the cooldown

Generally speaking, Devastation should aim to use its powerful buff spells (Breath of Fire and Surge of Eternity) on cooldown, maximizing Breath of Fire DoT duration when possible, especially on a single target, to benefit powerful synergies like Catalyze. With that in mind, Fire Breath usually cast at rank one but can thrown at higher levels for more burst damage at the expense of more significant sustained damage from interactions.

Cast your buff spells during Dragonrage whenever possible to benefit from Animosity.

Cast unique cooldowns on the cooldown

Next in priority are unique cooldown talents, such as Firestorm and Shattering Star. These are also mainly use on cooldown when available to boost your damage. However, given the nature of Shattering Star’s damaged amp window, you can lightly mix Essence or Essence Burst to ensure you have Essence Spenders to cast while the debuff is active.

Spend Gasoline, Melt Fill

Beyond that, cast your essence spenders whenever possible (Disintegrate on 1-2 targets, Pyre on 3+) and otherwise cast your fill spells (Living Flame on 1-2 marks, Azure Strike on 3 + and always during Dragonrage).

Quick Note on Deep Breathing

Wow Devastation Evoker Bis Note that Deep Breath  not usually a central part of a single target rotation but can be use instead of refilling on the enemy’s lower health totals due to tyranny or for repositioning when no better option  available. And also, Deep Breath  usually a powerful ability in AoE situations and can cast as a high-priority spell outside Dragonrage.

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