Tobacco Is More Dangerous

Tobacco is more dangerous in people with familial hypercholesterolemia. Life expectancy decreases in these people from 12 to 15 years, while this decrease is 2 to 4 years in the general population. Increases the risk of rising coronary heart disease about four times. Therefore, we gave our full support to Law 42/2010 of December 30, which we followed very closely, sending our proposals and claims to the Health Commission to better protect the health of citizens in general. And in a unique way for families with HF.


Tobacco also has harmful effects on those who choose not to smoke. Hence the importance of the law above for the protection of these smoke-free spaces. It must not forget that tobacco is the leading preventable cause of morbidity and mortality globally. Approximately 3,200 passive smokers die each year in Spain, who have a higher risk of grief from lung cancer, d ‘myocardial infarction, and higher mortality from ischemia. Heart disease, a decrease in the weight of children of mothers exposed to air polluted by tobacco smoke, and a significant increase in the frequency of chronic respiratory symptoms such as cough and pharyngeal discomfort.

In addition to being expose to the same risks that tobacco causes in men, women are subject to other additional risks. And it is that the consumption of tobacco exerts a multiple effect of the cardiovascular risk presented by oral contraceptives. In women who smoke and use this contraceptive method, the likelihood of having a heart attack increases tenfold.

If you smoke, you must try to quit.

Quitting smoking is possible, and you can do it. You are about to begin a development that will lead to you gaining in health and quality of life.

Think about the benefits of quitting and find your reasons to quit

The Benefits Of Stopping Smoking:

  • More agility, less fatigue.
  • Reduction or complete disappearance of the cough.
  • Recovery of forgotten senses such as taste and smell.
  • Recovery of balance and hydration of the skin.

And In addition:

If you haven’t had any tobacco-related illnesses, your risk of lung cancer, heart attack, or chronic bronchitis begins to drop immediately.

It will be a positive example for your children and the new generations in general.

You will have the satisfaction regained the meaning of a part of your life which until now depended on tobacco.

You will have gained health and saved money.

Preparation Phase: How To Get There?

Do not rush; you have been smoking for a long time. Give yourself time to carry out your plan.

Read your list of reasons to quit several times a day; Convince yourself of the importance of all your senses.

Think about a short-term quit date (at least a month). Make sure your date is not a time of particular stress, excessive work, or great worry or responsibility. Remember that you have chosen this day and that it cannot postpone.

About two weeks before the expiry date: decide in advance how many cigarettes you will smoke during the day and only smoke half the cigarette. If you have a strong urge to smoke, wait a few minutes before doing so. Do not empty ashtrays. This way, you can count the number of smokers you have smoked and find the smell annoying.

Seek support. Discuss your decision, preferably with someone who has quit smoking. A family member, friend, co-worker who has done this before and whom you see frequently can be committed to supporting and helping you.

Consult A Healthcare Practitioner.

They can be of great help as they know the most harmful aspects of smoking and the proper ways to help you quit smoking. They will motivate you and tell you the steps to follow at all times.

There are several treatments for smoking cessation: non-pharmacological (group or individual psychotherapy) and pharmacological (patches, gums or nicotine tablets, bupropion, varenicline). Your doctor will tell you which choice is best for you.

When The Urge To Smoke Seems Overwhelming, Relax

During the first few days, you will often feel a strong urge to smoke, causing anxiety and tension. Remember that this sensation only lasts a few moments and that you are stronger than cigarettes. At the finish of the day, you will see how you got away with smoking.

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