To Grow Out Your Bangs the Right Way

If you’ve never had bangs, then chances are you’ve at least considered them. It tends to start with one movie, TV show or red carpet look where a celebrity or actor rocks perfect side-swept bangs, edgy rock ‘n’ roll fringe or a set of trendy curtain bangs. From there, you might get into a rabbit hole of hair trends that involves bangs and, if you’re convinced enough, you might just call up your hair stylist and request an appointment to get one of those looks for yourself.

Though bangs sometimes get the reputation for being a crisis haircut or a phase many people go through, there’s actually a lot less drama involved, especially if you go to the salon and don’t try to create your own fringe using a pair of kitchen scissors. Bangs are a fun way to switch up your look, accentuate your face shape and change the way your hair looks without the use of professional hair color, though it’s true that a few strategically placed highlights can work wonders for bang wearers. The best part about bangs is that, like the rest of your hair, they’ll grow out eventually and give you the chance to go back to a bang-less look or style them in a longer form. Here’s how you can grow your bangs out the right way.

How to Grow Out Different Types of Bangs?

If you have bangs and are thinking about switching to a different look or just want to grow them out, it’s important to make a plan. Otherwise, you might find yourself frustrated and unhappy with your hair for a few months. First, consider the type of bangs you currently have. If you’re rocking micro bangs, traditional forehead-covering fringe, French girl bangs and the like, the process of growing them out is a bit more involved when compared to longer, more relaxed styles like side bangs or curtain bangs.

Essentially, the shorter the bangs, the more time it will take to grow them out, which sounds straightforward but is important to know regardless. Expect to spend four to six months growing out your bangs depending on their starting length. The more you know, the more prepared you’ll be without any surprises!

How to Grow Out Different Types of Bangs_

If your bangs rank on the shorter side of the spectrum, it’s important to take good care of them as they grow out. This is important because a good maintenance routine will keep your bangs looking healthy as they move into that in-between stage — plus, it can prevent you from going crazy if you can’t seem to get them out of your face while they’re still growing. The key is to use nourishing professional hair care products to keep the strands looking and feeling their best. When they grow out to your desired length, they’ll look nice and healthy like the rest of your hair instead of tired and neglected.

Maintaining the hair and using regular nourishing treatments are also important for longer bangs. If you’re growing out your side bangs, curtain bangs or a similar style, be sure to keep up with a healthy hair routine. Though you don’t want to backtrack on length, it’s a good idea to get regular trims to make sure your long bangs aren’t full of split ends. It’s also easier to blend long bangs into the rest of your face-framing hair when they’re healthy and smooth. If you’re committed to the idea of growing out your bangs and have a game plan, the process is painless and goes by quickly.

How to Style Bangs as They Grow Out?

Ready for the fun part? That’s right — the process of growing out your bangs can absolutely involve styling them in new ways as they reach different lengths! This is a nice way to help you enjoy the process of growing your bangs out instead of just getting through it. Have fun with your bangs, get creative and try a new styling technique or two while you wait for them to reach your desired length!

How to Style Bangs as They Grow Out_

  • Major Texture: There’s not much a few good texture hair products can’t do, right? If you’re having trouble mixing longer bangs into the rest of your hair, try spraying a bit of texture spray or adding texture cream into the ends of your bangs to help with the blending process.
  • A Good Lift: Sometimes, all you need is some volume. For shorter bangs that have grown out past the eyebrows, try blowing them out with a small round brush to create a curve, mimic a shorter look and keep the hair out of your eyes.
  • Drop a Pin: If all else fails, there’s always a headband or a set of pins to help you. Push a headband under your bangs towards your forehead to create a fresh look that opens up the face and hides the bangs completely — or pin them up, under or to the side in a stylish fashion using clips or bobby pins.

However you choose to style your bangs as they grow out, have fun with it and get inspired for new hairstyles to come!

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