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Spool Of Wildercloth Tailoring is the perfect Job to choose if you’re playing a Clothbearer in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight. Like leatherworking or blacksmithing, fashion design allows players to be self-sufficient by enabling them to create their own equipment. In adding, Tailoring can also be used to craft bags, dressings, spells, and various other items you can use or your characters or sell to others for a nice profit.

Tailoring does not rely on a raw material gathering profession, unlike other crafting professions. Most materials needed to increase the Tailoring level come from the humanoid monsters found on the Dragon Isles. Occasionally you may need to buy something, but since the fabric is always abundant, you’re bound to find it cheap at the public sale house.

Sew cloth armor and many bags using dye, thread, and cloth that you collect from humanoid enemies on your travels. Tailors can also craft nets to slow down enemies, flying carpets, and magical lines that strengthen the items they are sewn into. As of patch 8.0.1, you will also be able to craft Bandages.

What is new in Tailoring in Dragonflight?

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Like other professions, Tailoring has undergone significant changes since the last expansion. However, the essence of the Profession is always the same: players collect pieces of cloth from fallen humanoid enemies or buy them at the public sale house and combine them with other materials to make various items. However, this time around, there are a ton of new features that you’ll need to consider when updating your customization.

Make clothes

Items that increase crafting abilities have been in the game for a long time, but they’ve never been more attractive than those found in Dragonflight. The new tailoring crafting line has three slots for professional accessories, also called crafting clothes. These special stat-boosting items like Wit, Inspiration, and Multi-Art will aid all players in their quest to become Master Tailor.


Ingenuity is a reasonably simple stat that increases the chance of using fewer materials each time you craft something. The greater the ingenuity, the greater the opportunities.


Inspiration allows players to create higher-quality items than usual. In addition, every time Inspiration activates, the player gains a temporary extra to their Tailoring skill.


As the name suggests, Multicraft allows players to create additional items. Unfortunately, this doesn’t work with gear and bags, but it does work with bandages, spells, and reagents.

Item Quality

The quality of the item is exactly what it says on the tin. Each crafted item has five possible quality levels. The higher the rate, the better the thing. Increasing your sewing skill will allow you to create higher-quality items. As mentioned above, Inspiration sometimes allows players to craft high-quality items even if their talent level is relatively low.


Rework is one of the more useful profession-related features added to Dragonflight. The feature allows players to upgrade items they previously crafted and bring them closer to their current level. The redesign requires additional cloth and thread and preparing courage, but it is well worth the investment, as the follow-on items will be of higher quality.

Level 1-65 Dragonflight Sewing Guide

Now that you know the fundamentals of Tailoring in Dragonflight, it’s time to get down to the good stuff. The first thing to memo is that it is impossible to reach the maximum level of tailoring simply by crafting items learned from recipes from trainers or vendors. These will only increase the skill up to level 65. From there, it takes farming fame, using the new crafting command system, or crafting profession accessories to get to 100.

Before upgrading the tailor shop, you must collect a few items from the auction house—5x Hochenblume, 3x Chromatic Dust, and plenty of Wildercloth and Tattered Wildercloth. The exact amounts of the latter two vary depending on whether the Profession is leveled simultaneously as a character. If so, some mats can be obtained by running quests and prisons. Additional mats will be wanted after level 65, but we’ll cross that link once we get there. Let’s start with the easy part.

How do you get the spool of Wildercloth?

The first thing players learn from the Tailoring Trainer is Dragon Isles Unravelling, which allows them to craft Spool of Wilderthread by ending five pieces of Wildercloth or five pieces of Torn Wildercloth.

It is created by using Dragon Isles Unraveling in your Tailoring Skill Book and 5 Dragon Isles Cloth, similar to Jewelry Prospecting.

How to learn tailoring in Dragonflight

First, you’ll want to get into Tailoring as soon as possible, as you’ll (ideally) want to start working on the Profession while leveling up the character. Fortunately, there is a coach very close to the landing zone. After carrying out the first two quests in the starting area, you will be sent to the Wingrest Embassy up the hill.

Go up the stairs, turn right, and continue until you reach the shop next to the dragon statue with bright purple lights. Zayn Starmaker, one of the NPCs there, explains Dragon Isles Tailoring. While you’re at it, feel free to talk to Veeno and choose Enchanting as your second Profession. Tailoring and Enchanting complement each other perfectly.

Tailoring 1-15 (175x Tattered Savage Cloth)

The first thing Tailoring Trainer players learn is Dragon Isles Unraveling, which allows them to create a Spool of Wilderthread by destroying five pieces of Wildercloth or five pieces of Tattered Wildercloth. Generally speaking, only the Tattered Wildercloth should be destroyed, as it can’t be used for anything else. So the cheapest way to get to Tailoring level 15 is to repeatedly turn the tattered wild cloth into a spool of fantastic thread. It’s not worth growing it alone because it’s so cheap at the auction house.

Couture 15 – 21 13x Wildercloth, And 9x Spool of Wilderthread, 5x Hochenblume

Crafting sure items at certain levels will grant various Tailoring skill points and players can start enjoying this early on. For example, when you reach level 15, craft a Surveyor’s Cloth Tunic and a Cloth Gardener’s Hat, each granting three skill points.

In adding to the traditional mats, the hat also requires 5x Hochenblume, which jerry can only be developed through Herbalism. I hope you have bought them from the auction house before. Let’s review the following few sections, as the process is the same.

Tailoring 21 – 27 13x Wildercloth, And 10x Spool of Wilderthread

1x wild cloth chef hat

1 Tailored Surveyor’s Cape

Seam 27 – 30 (5x Wildercloth, 4x Spool of Wilderthread)

1x Wildercloth Fishing Cap

30 – 36 stitching (varies, but max 24x Wildercloth, 18x Spool of Wilderthread)

3x Experienced Surveyor’s Rope or 3x Alchemist’s Wildcloth Robe. Any combination of the two will do. You only need to create three items in total.

Tailoring 36 – 41 (11 Wildercloth, 10 Wilderthread Spool, 3x Chromatic Dust)

1x Experienced Surveyor’s Gloves

1x Enchanter’s Wild Cloth Hat

Smooth talkers can only obtain chromatic Dust. If you choose Enchanting as recommended, you don’t have to worry about that. Otherwise, it goes to the public sale community.

Tailoring 41 – 46 (16x Wildercloth, And 12x Spool of Wilderthread)

2x Seasoned Surveyor’s Shoulder joint

Otherwise, you can craft a 2x Wildercloth Bag, which will cost more mats. One bag requires 4 Wilderthread spools and 12 Wildercloth bolts. A Bolt can be created by joining three minutes of Wildercloth or 36x Wildercloth per bag plus cotton.

Tailoring 46 – 51 (20x Wildercloth, And 14x Spool of Wilderthread)

3x Experienced Surveyor’s Pants

Confection 51 – 65 (industrial quantities of carpets)

From then on, keep crafting Surveyor’s Hardened Hoods up to level 65. It’s dreadful to say exactly how many mats are wanted, as it’s highly dependent on RNG, but it will be a lot. Enchanters can also create Vibrant Spellthread with all those extra Vibrant shards, but that won’t necessarily increase their chances of gaining skill points faster.

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