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As a reader of Redding News, you want to know what’s happening locally and come to us daily to get answers. Whether it’s about changes in the city of Redding, Shasta County, local businesses, sports. How the COVID-19 pandemic has upended life in the North State, you trust us as a source for accurate and fair news. But now we’d like some answers from you, dear reader.

The Redding Record Searchlight is a newspaper serving Redding, California. It has a daily circulation of about 30,000 and hosts a Redding news website,

Redding News Review: A subscriber-supported news website and radio show founded in 1999 by Robert Rob Redding Jr. that covers breaking Black news

Redding Sentinel: A locally run newspaper in Redding, Connecticut, that covers news and information and offers a forum for discussion

KRCR-TV: A television station in Redding, California, that serves as the ABC affiliate for the Chico–Redding market

Redding Record Searchlight: A newspaper that offers in-depth news coverage

NewsBreak: A news site that covers Redding news, weather, safety, and sports

KRCR: A news channel that offers local and national news, sports, and weather forecasts

How to Access Redding News?

How to Access Redding News_

So you can access Redding News through KRCR News Channel 7 and KCVU Fox 20. These stations offer local and national news, sports, and weather forecasts. You can also access KRCR News Channel 7 through the following:

Google Play: Download the KRCR News Channel 7 app for news, weather, and sports

Roku: Watch on Roku by streaming shows from popular streaming channels

You can also sign up for the Redding News newsletter to receive updates and news on local events.


KRCR-TV (formerly known as “Channel 7R”) is an ABC-affiliated station that serves the northern Sacramento Valley, including the towns of Redding & Chico. Its studios are located in Redding, where the station is licensed. Its transmitter is located atop Shasta Bally. The station broadcasts all of the well-known news & entertainment programs offered by ABC but also has several of its programs, including local news programs @ 5, 5:30, 6:30 & 11 on weekdays & 6 & 11 on weekends.

History of KRCR-TV

History of KRCR-TV

The station was founded in 1956 as KVIP-TV by William B. Smullin of California Oregon Broadcasting, Inc. (COBI), owners of KOBI in Medford, Oregon & KOTI Klamath Falls, Oregon as a primary NBC affiliate with a secondary ABC affiliation. So the ABC schedule was available through translators of Stockton’s KOVR in Chico & Redding. Ch. 7 became KRCR in 1963.

It suddenly flipped from a primary NBC affiliation to a full-time ABC affiliation in 1978, which started the 7 year process for building KCPM (now KNVN) shortly after. This arrangement was unusual for a 2-station market (especially 1 of Chico/Redding’s size). A local ABC affiliate finally came to Northern California after 15 years of several unsuccessful attempts. KRCR, KAEF & KFWU (now KUNO) aired FOX full-time on off-network hours until 1994, when KCVU switched to FOX & KBVU signed on.

It was purchased by Lamco Communications of Texas in 1995. KRCR operate by California Broadcasting, Inc., run by general manager Bob Wise, until 2004. When the station was sold to current owners Bluestone Television. Then, in December 2006, the station was sold (along with 12 other Bluestone stations) to Diamond Castle Holdings. A New York-based private equity firm.

How a reader-oriented ask-the-newsroom effort took digital subscribers to the Redding Record Searchlight

Here’s an idea to steal and adapt: So accelerate the growth of digital subscriptions by encouraging reader engagement and answering their questions.

How a reader-oriented ask-the-newsroom effort took digital subscribers to the Redding Record Searchlight

So it is the Better News Series to a) showcase innovative/experimental ideas from the Knight-LenFest Newsroom Initiative and b) share replicable strategies that will benefit the entire news industry. This “win” comes from senior reporters Michelle Chandler, Jessica Skropanic, David Benda, and Jenny Espino, local editor of the Redding (Calif.) Record Searchlight; and Silas Lyons, USA TODAY Network Community Journalism Center administrator. Therefore record Searchlight participated in the Pointer Table Stakes Program in 2020-2021.

What communities do you serve and what can you tell us about your organization’s history?

The Record Searchlight is the top news source in Shasta County and surrounding rural counties in Northern California. Therefore the newspaper hints at its modern history to the first copy of the Redding Record in 1938 when construction work on the Shasta Dam began. R-S’s local coverage and investigative reporting shape the community conversation on critical issues such as homelessness, wildfire prevention, law implementation, growth and childhood trauma, and education.

What problem are you trying to solve, and why is solving the problem strategically important to your organization?

Their team’s challenge is winning lost readers or building trust with them. We believe this is essential on our path towards a sustainable future. Reading Record Searchlight a) solved the trust issue with its traditional audience and b) accelerated the growth of digital subscriptions by encouraging reader engagement and contribution to a reader-driven franchise called “Ask the Record Searchlight.”

News that Flash on Rendding News

News that Flash on Rendding News

Beloved restaurant returning to its original form in downtown Redding: After reopening under new ownership and a new image in 2022, ‘The Shack’ in downtown Redding is back in the hands of the family that established it in 1954.

Unknown skull from 1968 identified as war veteran via forensic DNA in old California case: A human skull discover near Berry Summit in 1968 has been positively identified as World War II and Korean War Veteran William Melvin Teller, born 1927, thank

California introduces new 2024 traffic laws to boost safety and visibility: Along with the new year comes some new traffic laws. Just over a dozen new assembly bills sign by Governor Gavin Newsom in 2023.

Bay Area leader tackles the US literacy crisis through hands-on reading advocacy in Redding: Literacy, or the lack thereof, is near crisis proportions in the United States. A Bay Area man has devoted his life’s work to changing that…

Peregrine Moon Lander’s propulsion issue jeopardizes Anderson man’s tribute to son: The first soft landing of a US robotic moon craft is still far away. Word came down late Monday morning that the “Peregrine Moon Lander”…

A new diverse Police Community Advisory Board launch in Chico: Police Chief Billy Aldridge announced the new members of the Police Community Advisory Board on Monday, designed to connect law enforcement further…

Is your car Hollywood ready? Local film commission on the hunt for specific vehicles: The Humboldt Del Norte Film Commission announced on its Facebook page that they are seeking particular vehicles for an upcoming feature film…

Residents say the Mount Shasta neighborhood save by quick action and weather: A fire in Mount Shasta Saturday left several agencies fighting the blaze through the day and sent two firefighters to the hospital…

Newsbreak Original

Mount Shasta Hit by Series of Powerful Avalanches

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