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Paithani saree known for its excellent oblique design and colorful effect, making it unique. The beautiful patterns of birds like peacocks and swans with other nature ideas like Kamal, Aravalli, Amar Vell, etc. The colours of Paithani sarees include blue, black, white, green, red, purple etc. Beautiful Paithani sarees a favourite of Maharashtrian brides and are styl differently for different looks.

What Is Paithani Saree?

Paithani is a Maharashtrian-style saree. It was first founded in Paithan, a town in the Aurangabad district of Maharashtra. It is a rich fabric that employs pure silk threads strongly handwoven with silver zari threads. A It is widely renowned for its oblique square and peacock design. It offers Indian heritage with rich designs closely woven into the fabric. To own a Paithani in India is like owning treasure.

Paithani Saree Original

What Is Paithani Saree_

Check out the back of the Paithani Loom Sari, specifically the pallu. The back of a genuine Paithani saree is the same as its top. The front and back of Handwoven Paithani are the same. A fake Paithani has a wire mesh on the back.

The Paithani saree originates in ancient times, dating back to the royal dynasties of the medieval city of Paithan near Aurangabad. Named after the town, the sari is said to have originally been made from the finest locally spun pure zari silk threads. This saree represents years of extravagance and the delicacy of Indian weaving, and each piece features the lavish use of gold and floral and bird designs. Modern iterations of the Paithan and Yeol sari are made from local silk threads from Bangalore, while the zari is from Surat. To make a simple Paithani saree, around 500 grams of silk threads and a further 250 grams of zari threads are for a standard six-meter piece, while nine-meter silk thread iterations use more raw material and can weigh up to 900 grams.

Pure Paithani Saree

pure paithani saree

Pure silk paithani

Yeola Paithani is a handwoven saree with excellent silk, a richly decorated zari border and pallu. It is known as Rajvastra, making it one of India’s most expensive sarees. Paithani is a valuable legacy that is passed from generation to generation. Shankari Paithani offers a beautiful collection of pure silk hand weaving, pure silk weaving and traditional silk sarees with a wide range and attractive colour combinations.

Paithani Saree Look

paithani saree look

Banarasi Paithani Saree: 20 different Paithani sarees, including saris made from Paithani and Banarasi fabrics. This unique Banarasi Paithani Saree features a simple pattern that blends classic and contemporary themes. This red and beige katan silk saree with a patterned border is perfect for weddings and receptions.

Yeola Paithani Saree: Paithani sarees are known for their exquisite designs and luxurious fabrics made of silk threads and gold threads. Veola Paithani sarees are identical and feature classic squares with beautiful borders and rich pallus. In addition to plain or spotted bases, there are elegant or traditional borders for Yeola sarees. There is a wide range of colours in Paithani sarees ranging from muted to vibrant hues. Paithani sarees have two predominant contrasting colours, one on the body and one on the pallu and fringe.

Georgette Paithani Saree: An exquisite Georgette Paithani Saree made of pure georgette with a gorgeous golden zari border and delicate floral decorations. The rose gold saree is beautifully designed with a border of gold zari in a floral pattern and delicate floral detailing on the body. The saree can be paired with diamond jewellery to intensify its colours. It is suitable for parties and receptions.

Maharani Paithani Saree: A uniquely Pathani, the Dharmavaram Maharani Paithani is a silk-spun baton fabric that is carefully crafted. It has a variety of patterns, from mangoes to peacocks to lotus flowers and is the only such fabric in the world. The ancient architecture of the Ajanta Caves inspires many designs. Making a paithani requires skilled labour and skilled artisans familiar with fabrics, threads and dyes. One of the contrasting differences of this type of paithani is that the saree’s pallu is not identical due to the nature of the weaving process.

Paithani Saree Blouse Designs Catalogue

Paithani Saree Blouse Designs Catalogue

LATEST PAITHANI BLOUSE DESIGNS: Check out the Latest & Simple Marathi Paithani Blouse Designs. Explore the most trendy Paithani sares blouse designs for modern Indian women. We have made a collection of  Paithani saree blouse designs. You will find Photos of Paithani black dizain with the latest Pattern.

Shotpiks brings you the latest Blouse Designs and Blouse Patterns for this modern & fashionable world of females. It showcases the latest Back Neck Designs for Paithani Marathi Saree Blouses for Indian Women.

 Original Paithani Saree Price

Did you know that the Paithani saree is named after the Paithan town in Aurangabad from Maharashtra, where the saree was first made by hand? Paithani sarees are an essential part of every Maharashtrian bride’s trousseau and culturally very significant.

Paithani sarees are important for every Maharashtrian girl for special occasions. Originally, Paithani sarees were initially woven from Chinese silk threads and pure zari. Over the years, we have seen many brides wearing contemporary versions of this traditional weave.

Typically, Paithani sarees are vibrant and lustrous, adorned with traditional motifs like parrots, lotuses and peacocks. A natural Paithani weave will always look the same on both sides of the saree. That is one distinctive feature to recognize an authentic Paithani saree from fakes in the market.

Well, in case you are looking to get this traditional and gorgeous weave for your trousseau, we have got you covered. Scroll to learn how much a Paithani saree costs.

Scroll Down And Get To Know How Much A Paithani Saree Costs –

Because of their delicate work and traditional handwoven techniques, these sarees often have a premium price in the market. They  made of silk and golden threads, adding to these sarees’ affluent appeal. The cost of these gorgeous sarees starts from approximately INR 10,000 to INR 4,00,000.

The simple Paithani sarees are handwoven, while duplicate ones are machine made readily available in the market, thus, the difference in prices.

Paithani Saree Online

paithani saree online

If you love shopping for sarees, then you must have heard of Paithani sarees. These rich, sheer, handwoven saris speak volumes about the rich culture of Maharashtra. Paithani sarees are name after the Paithan region of Aurangabad. They made of silk and gold threads, which adds to the lightweight appeal of these sarees. Popularly known as the “pride of Maharashtra”, the tradition of weaving Paithani sarees dates back to ancient times. Now we know why these saris are so expensive. The amount of work that goes into paithani sarees is so intricate that it takes even the most experienced weavers about a year to create the finished product. Some attractive features of Paithani sarees are:

Pattern Designs: Pallus usually  designs of birds like parrots, peacocks and flowers, especially Kamal (Lotus), and these designs typically woven with golden silk threads.

Vibrant Colors: Colorful shades ranging from light purple to peacock green can seen on these saris. They  known for the rare light and shadow effect creat  blending two different colour yarns during the weaving process.

Rich Fabric Texture: These are available in cotton and silk fabrics. Maharashtrian brides usually wear paithani sarees depending on the occasion.

You can now buy sarees online and choose from a variety of options. Paithani sarees also show their high status and wealth in society. The silk fabric Paithani lehengas  especially known for its uniqueness. The Paithani sarees also use interesting designs inspired by the Ajanta caves. Craft from a variety of delicate silks, these sarees are also consider to be unique and elegant.


Pathani sarees suit any style as shown above. They come in a variety of colors and designs, so make sure you choose the one that mirrors your personal style. Wearing a saree from IndyVogue is sure to garner a lot of attention and accolades. Some of the best range of Pure Paithani Silk Mark Certified Sarees are available with us.

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