What do New Pink Like Button Facebook?

Pink Like Button Facebook made its “Like” button pink for users in the United States ahead of Mother’s Day on Sunday.

This week, some users in the US reported that their “Like” button had changed from its usual blue circle with a white thumb in the middle. Instead, they saw a flower with dark pink and light pink petals, and a white thumbs up in the center.

The change was made without any public statement from Facebook, which has more than 2 billion monthly active users, leaving many wondering why its Like button was different.

Over the past day, searches such as pink thumbs up on facebook, why facebook is like a pink button, and “why facebook is like a pink button” have all risen sharply on Google, according to its analytics data.

97 Zok, a radio station in Rockford, Land of Lincoln, published an article about the tweak titled “Facebook ‘Like’ Button Mystery Has Us Stumped.

Facebook Changes The “Like” Button To A Pink Flower

Facebook Changes The _Like_ Button To A Pink Flower

Facebook has made its “Like” button pink for users in the United States.

The online social media and networking service haven’t publicly explained why, but Newsweek has confirmed that Facebook has changed the button for Mother’s Day.

The “Like” button has changed for some users, noting that the usual blue circle with a white thumbs up in the middle has been replaced with a flower with pink petals and a white thumbs up in the center.

Newsweek said that the change is only visible in the United States because the holidays fall on a different date in other countries. For example, in the United States, it is the second Sunday in May, but in the United Kingdom, it is famous on the fourth Sunday of On loan.

Some News4Jax subscribers were skeptical because the change did not affect their profile then. It’s unclear when everyone will get the new temporary “Like” button.

The comments section revealed that hundreds of Facebook users still don’t have the new button.

How to Improve a Facebook Like Button in WordPress

Facebook Like button on your WordPress And website can make it simple and easy for workers to like and share your content. As a result, you can increase engagement and get more followers.

Why Increase a Facebook Like Button in WordPress?

Facebook is one of the most available social media platforms in the world. As a result, many businesses use Facebook to connect with their customers and help their crops.

Count a Facebook Like button to your WordPress website can help generate more visits. It also boosts people to share your content on their Facebook shapes and attract new users to your site.

Use the Facebook Like button to growth your social following and build a community. In addition, it helps create awareness of your products and services and increase conversions.

Let’s see how to add a Facebook Like button in WordPress using a plugin or addition tradition code.

Method 1: Increase Facebook Like Button in WordPress With a Plugin

We will use a WordPress plugin to add the Facebook Like button in this method. This method is straightforward and suggested for learners.

The first gadget you need to do is put in and start the BestWebSoft Like and Share plugin. For more facts, see our step-by-step guide on how to install a WordPress plugin.

Next, you must add the Facebook App ID and App Secret. If you don’t have this information, just follow the steps below.

How to Create a Facebook App ID and App Secret?

How to Create a Facebook App ID and App Secret_

Click the create new link in the App ID or App Secret ground in the Like And Share plugin.

It will take you to the Meta Developer website. We advise opening the website in another tab or window, as you will need to open the Like and Share settings side in your WordPress console to enter the App ID and Secret.

From there, you’ll need to select an app type. Choose “Enterprise” as the application type and click the “Next” button.

Method 2 – By hand Add Facebook Like Button in WordPress

Extra way to add a Facebook Like button is to use a custom code. Though, this method requires you to add the code directly in WordPress, so we only mention it for people comfortable editing code.

With that in mind, we will use the free WPCode plugin to do this, making it easy for anyone to add code to their WordPress blog.

First, you must visit the “Like-Button” page on the Meta Developer website and scroll down to the “Like Button Configurator” section.

You can then enter the URL of your Facebook page in the “Like URL” field. It will be the page you want to connect with the Facebook Like button.

After that, use the settings to choose the layout and size of the like button. You will as well see a preview of the Like button.

Once satisfied with the preview, click the “Get Code” button.

A popup window shows two code snippets in the “JavaScript SDK” tab.

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