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Jordan shoes Since its first release in 1984, Air Jordan and its associated products have expanded Nike’s domain and continue to define the modern basketball and sneaker culture we know today.

There are few logos more recognizable than Jordan Brand’s Jumpman silhouette. One of the few logos that can rival the Jumpman is Nike’s Swoosh symbol. Before 1997, the two logos were found together on an Air Jordan sneaker. Michael Jordan’s signature shoe was developed with help from Nike, but the Air Jordan line became so popular that it didn’t need a Swoosh to back it up. The partnership between Nike and Jordan reached a level of achievement that acceptable Jordan shoes Brand to become its own company in 1997, and it never held back.

What Are Jordan Shoes?

What Are Jordan Shoes_

Jordan shoes is a line of basketball shoes and fit apparel manufactured by Nike, Inc. The first Air Jordan shoe was made for former Hall of Celebrity basketball player Michael Jordan while he was with the Chicago Bulls in late 1984 and went public on April 1, 1985.

Why Are Jordan Shoes Most Expensive?

Air Jordans do.

Nike first signed Michael Jordan with the brand when he started playing in the NBA.

They felt he had what it took to be a star, but he hadn’t proven himself yet.

They managed to tie him to the brand with an expensive partnership deal.

made the first pair of sneakers, changing the upper part of the shoe from white to black.

It contradicts the NBA’s uniform policy at the time.

When Nike offered their shoes, the NBA kicked them out.

Jordan still wore the sneakers.

He ended up wearing them to every game he attended.

It brought an incredible amount of attention to the pair of shoes.

They have become symbols of rebellion.

Other people became interested in the shoe, and the demand increased.

Nike saw its unique opportunity in marketing and jumped on it.

Why Are Jordan Shoes So Famous?

Jordan’s popularity is because it offers a certain exclusivity level incomparable to other footwear. These shoes are manufactured with high-quality materials, including full-grain calfskin and premium leather uppers. With these materials being use, a sense of durability create. They also make the shoes look and feel like a high-quality products. Besides, the shoes come in a wide range of colours and styles. It allows buyers to select the best sneaker according to their preferences.

The history of Jordans is woven by the recognition of many famous actors, celebrities, athletes, and entertainers who also wear these sneakers. Therefore, when someone searches to purchase a pair of sneakers, it immediately becomes sought-after. People looking for sneakers that would last for an extended period would also go for the Jordans because they’re a well-known brand of shoes. As such, the shoes’ desirability and value increase.

The Jordans is the first sneaker that became something that people could collect. This played a massive role in launching sneaker culture as a whole. The massive influence on culture has also kept the Jordans relevant and made it even more popular throughout the decades.

Jordan Shoes List

Jordan Shoes List

Ever since Michael Jordan wore the first pair of Nike sneakers for the Chicago Bulls in 1984 and was beginning to capture people’s attention as the next big basketball star, Jordans have captured people’s imaginations. Sneaker wearers around the world. No other shoe has the same iconic status and global following.

Maybe you’re a true b-ball nerd who’s seen and re-watched every memorable Michael Jordan moment. Or perhaps everything you know about MJ comes from Netflix’s The Last Dance. Either way, you’ll know that (a) the man plays basketball like no other in the world, and (b) he takes shoes seriously.

Today, 35 different Air Jordan models are available, not to mention countless colourways, collaborations, limited editions and retro Jordans. From classic ’90s street style to shoes optimized for speed on the court to high-fashion unions, there are Jordans for every mood, taste and event.

How Do You Know If Jordans Shoes Are Real?

Air Jordans are a very popular brand of sport shoes produced by a partnership between Michael Jordan and the Nike Company. As these shoes are often counterfeited in foreign factories, before you buy a pair, we recommend you to go through a list of signs that help differentiate real Air Jordans from fake ones.

Plastic sheet inside the box: In the case of authentic Jordans, the color of the sheet is consistent. In the case of fake Jordans, the color of the sheet can be rubbed off a little, or the dye can come off. Also, the fake sheet would stain the paper that wraps up the shoes.

The shoes: In the case of real Jordans, there should be a little yellowing around the blue parts at the bottom. This is a natural occurrence, when Jordans are stored properly. If there is no yellowing, this is a telltale sign that these are the fake Jordans. Also, the fake Jordans have the carbon fiber support painted on. You can scratch the paint off it, and also bend it with your finger. The real carbon in authentic Jordans is very hard.

What Was The Price Of Original Jordan Shoes?

Air Jordan II | Designer: Peter Moore | Released: 1985 | Original price: $65. Modern sneaker values had its roots in the air, i.e. the original Air Jordan, released in 1985. Nike and the Jordan brand have often honoured this iconic silhouette since they released the Retro 1.


For its first 13 years, Nike’s Air Jordan brand depended entirely on its namesake to keep it alive and thriving. Michael Jordan’s glittering basketball career has made the shoe and apparel line a sales juggernaut. The designs of the shoes have always been top-notch – but would anyone care about those designs if His Airness” in them didn’t dominate the NBA? Nike and Jordan Brand understood and probably dreaded the idea that MJ would have to retire from basketball for good one day. Despite coming out of retirement twice, Michael eventually resigned from the game for good. What would become of Jordan Brand? Would she even retire with the man who portrayed her so amazingly well? Could the athletic footwear and apparel line survive without Michael Jordan being an active NBA member?

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