Mom Real Budget Friendly Cleaning Tricks Organizing Tips Diy Home Decor And Craft Ideas

Mom Real Budget Friendly Cleaning Tricks Organizing Tips Diy Home Decor And Craft Ideas: During a hectic Mother’s Day, keeping the household clean, planned, and beautifully decorated can occasionally feel unbearable. However, fear not. This article provides budget-friendly organizing tips, cleaning tricks, and creative DIY ideas for crafts and home decor. Let’s dive in and learn how to convert your home into a haven of hygiene, order, and creativity.

Budget-Friendly Cleaning Tricks

Budget-Friendly Cleaning Tricks

Create your own natural, powerful, and low-cost cleaner

Combine four tablespoons of baking soda in a glass of hot water, stir the mixture well in a spray bottle, and spray it on any surface you want to free from dirt. It is especially suitable for cleaning countertops, kitchen accessories, the interior of the refrigerator, and the oven.

Remove colored stains from wood

When the children release their creativity at home, sometimes they go outside. Literally, in those cases, apply toothpaste and rub with a cloth or paper on the stained area of ​​the wood, and you will see how that improvised Guernica loses all its drama.

Remove drawings from the walls

Again, the little ones. And again, baking soda. Wet a sponge with this and hot water and gently pass it over the affected area to remove any traces of children’s graffiti.

Foul odors in garbage or pipes

Another ally that should never be missing in your home is lemons. Buy them in industrial quantities because this cheap fruit is one of the best things for your health, both ingested and for its antiseptic and odorizing functions.

Shiny windows, glass, and mirrors

Supermarket window cleaners contain products that are harmful to the air you breathe. However, two tablespoons of white vinegar in a large glass of hot water will make a potent mixture to leave them clean and streak-free, as long as you clean and dry them with a microfiber cloth (and not paper, which can leave tiny traces).

A natural and effective air freshener

If you want to show off a clean, natural, and health-friendly fragrance at home, which can also be used to spray surfaces, you wish to clean, mix water with a splash of vinegar in a spray bottle and infuse it with an aromatic complement to your liking, such as sage (as in the header image of this post) or citrus peel.

DIY Home Decor

DIY Home Decor - Mom Real Budget Friendly Cleaning Tricks Organizing Tips Diy Home Decor And Craft Ideas

This activity is very beneficial for both children and adults. On this occasion at SOS assistance, we bring you a few craft ideas that you can do to give a chic and personalized touch to your home. Could you not buy it; do it yourself?

Turn glass into ceramic.

This DIY technique will allow you to decorate spaces in your home quickly and easily. You will only need second-hand glass jars or ones you have stored and can’t find a use for, acrylic or water-based paint, baking soda or baking powder, and a foam brush for a better finish.

Individuals are rope

This DIY project is straightforward but beautiful; you can make placemats, cup holders, and baskets or give them as gifts. In addition to their usefulness, they are very friendly to decorate your dining room. You will require relatively thick cotton or jute rope, thin circular MDF board, the diameter of which will depend on how big you want your cup holders or place settings, hot or cold silicone, and scissors.

Vertical planter

There are times when lack of space prevents us from having more plants than we would like. To solve this problem, we can build our vertical planter using wooden pallets. We only have to create the compartments in the pallet where we will plant our plants. We will line these compartments with particular fabric to stop soil from escaping through the cracks left in the wood. Fill them with soil and plant flowers, aromatic herbs, or anything else you want in it.

Glass jars to store things

Nowadays, we buy many products in supermarkets that come in glass jars. What to do with all those jars? These are perfect for improving the organization in our home. Decorating them is very easy using paper, thread, or adhesives, which will help us give them a personal touch. Once illustrated, these jars can be used as pencil holders, spice racks for the kitchen, or even as a pot to plant aromatic plants that we usually use in our recipes.

Coffee table with a tire

What do we do with the tires that we change to our car? The most advisable thing is to recycle them to protect the environment, but they usually give a lot of use in the DIY world. You can do many things with them in an effortless way. An example is creating a coffee table. To do this, the first thing would be to clean it well and give it a coat of paint in the color we like the most. Next, place a piece of glass on the tire, and we will have our table ready.

Organizing Tips

Organizing Tips

Divide your drawers and shelves

Don’t accumulate all your things together in drawers and shelves. Use partitions to separate them. It will allow you to use space better and not collect stuff on top of others.

“There shouldn’t be a single drawer in your house that doesn’t have divisions,” says Christopher Lower, author of the book Seven Stages of Organization.

Don’t use tables as storage

One of the most common temptations at home is to put everything on a table. Even if the intention is to do it provisionally, the table will always be busy in the end. Make it a rule that this can’t happen even for a minute, and if it doesn’t work, block it somehow.

Julie Isaac, the owner of Uncluttered Homes, recommends placing flowers and small decorations or always having the table prepared with plates and cutlery if it is the dining room to communicate that this table is not a storage room.

Don’t buy storage boxes until you throw everything away

Before purchasing a storage box or cabinet, thoroughly clean and remove it.

If you have more storage space than you need, in a very short time, you will once again accumulate a large amount of unnecessary things, which will create chaos in the organization of the home.

Assign tasks

If you have a family and do not have daily help around the house, assign cleaning tasks to each family member. Someone must collect the dishes from the table, and another must clean them and put them away. One cleans the bathrooms, another the kitchen. Everyone is responsible for tidying their room and making the beds every day.

Craft Ideas

Craft Ideas

Family Handprints: Create a heartening keepsake by making handprint art with your family. Use paint or clay to eternalize the growth of your loved ones.

Mason Jar Lanterns: Paint stone mason jars in exciting colors and insert candles for charming lanterns. They’re perfect for outside meetings or cozy indoor evenings.

No-Sew Pillows: Overhaul your living space with no-sew pillows. Use fabric glue to link fabric pieces and stuff them for an easy decor bring up-to-date.

DIY Candles: Make your candles by melting downcast old ones and addition your favorite scents. Please place them in decorative holders for a cozy air.

Nature-Inspired Art: Accumulate leaves, twigs, and stones to create nature-inspired artwork. Frame these formations for a touch of the outdoors within your home.

Rainbow rice: Rainbow rice is brilliant for sensory play and so satisfying to make! The best part is that you probably have most ingredients already in your cupboard at home.

Fake snow: Whip some kitchen staples to make your phony snow for Christmas. There are a few different ways to make artificial snow, but if you’re making it for children to play with, we’d recommend using baking soda, corn flour, and water so it won’t harm them if they decide to taste it.


Mom Real Budget Friendly Cleaning Tricks Organizing Tips Diy Home Decor And Craft Ideas: Being a mom doesn’t mean forgoing a beautifully clean and organized home. With these organizing tips, budget-friendly cleaning tricks, and Do-it-yourself ideas for home decor and crafts, you can turn your living planet into a haven of luxury, creativity, and order. Hold these techniques, and enjoy the satisfaction of transforming your home without breaking the bank.

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