Lupt Full Movie Download

Lupt full movie download

Lupt (translation: Extinct; Hindi pronunciation: [lʊpt]) is a 2018 Hindi supernatural horror film starring Javed Jaffrey, Niki Aneja Walia, and Vijay Raaz. The story revolves around Harsh Tandon, a cruel businessman, and his family and how they successively die of a supernatural force during a family vacation due to a sin committed by Harsh. Prabhuraj directed them. The film is a copy of the 2003 film Dead End.


The film opens with Harsh Tandon, a work-addicted businessman, who announces his company’s new merger to his subordinates. Her daughter Tanu is a model who is with the photographer Rahul Saxena. Tanu comes home from work, and suddenly the lights flash, and a strange voice comes from his brother Sam’s room. She finds a skull in her closet and a sinister figure scares her. Tanu calls his mother, Shalini, and it turns out it’s Sam. Disappointed, Sam announced that he was going to flee to the USA because nobody appreciated his jokes. The next day, Shalini requests Harsh to provide energy on a family outing, but Harsh declines her request and tells her to focus on her business.

Details About the Movie

Directed by: Prabhuraj

Written by: Prabhuraj

Produced by: Lalit Kiri

Cinematography: Prakash Kutty

Music by: Vicky-Hardik

Stars: Javed Jaffrey
Vijay Raaz
Niki Aneja Walia
Meenakshi Dixit
Karan Anand

Production companies:  T-Series

Released Date: 2 November 2018

Running time: 110 minutes

Country: India

Language: Tamil Movie

Budget: ₹3.50 crore

Box office ₹1.57 crore

More About Movie

On the way to work, Harsh sees a young woman crossing the street, where she quickly stops the car and sees no one. Shocked, he asks his driver to take him somewhere else instead of his office. Short visits and consults a psychiatrist who suggests he hallucinates and should take a break from work. Meanwhile, Rahul asks Tanu on a date about his father’s distant attitude. In his office, Harsh hallucinates a ghostly figure watching him.

After consulting his therapist, he decides to go on vacation with his family. A few moments later, he receives news that his manager recently died of an accident. He hands over all responsibilities to his subordinate, Tyagi, and talks to a man named Satish. While the Tandon family prepares for their vacation at home, Tanu persuades Rahul to join them. On the way, they stop at a gas station.

Tanu goes to buy sandwiches in the station shop and meets a mysterious man dressed all in black on her return. The silence in the car bores Sam; To cheer up his family and Rahul, Sam tells a joke, but no one laughs. After refueling, the road is closed due to an accident that occurred there. Harsh opts for a different route that is longer than the original route but with no signs or lights. The Tandon’s see a man on the street who is the same man Tanu met at the gas station. He asks the family about their fate, but they don’t answer while Sam jokes about a dead body in the car.

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