Jio F320b Boot Key – All LYF Jio Mobile Phone Boot Key 

Jio F320b Boot Key – LYF Jio Boot Key: Every Jio Boot Key is now available. We,, will give All Jio Boot keys for flashing. Furthermore, Jio keypad phones work on Qualcomm & SPD-based CPUs and offer “emergency download mode” or “EDL mode.” This EDL /download mode is beneficial if your device is bricked and you cannot unbrick your Jio phone using the ADB command.

If you have a Jio feature phone built on Qualcomm chipsets and demand to unbrick any Xiaomi device, you can use the boot key to Jio phones into EDL mode. Said the boot key is a key that permits you to access a device driver and install firmware on your phone.

Today, we will talk about how to use all jio LYF mobile boot keys or EDL mode. There are many models of jio LYF phones that we have written below, And we wrote beside him how to take the mobile booting or EDL mode—all jio phone boot keys. Jio LYF Phone EDL/Booting mode connect process. The first mobile switch off, remove/insert the battery, continue pressing, and join the USB Cable.

LYF Mobile Boot Keys

  • Jio LYF F101K Boot Key Press (3 )KEY CPU type (SPD CPU)
  • Jio LYF F61 Boot Keypress (OK )Button CPU type (SPD CPU)
  • Jio LYF F81 Boot Key Press (5) key (SPD CPU)
  • Jio LYF F30C Boot Key navigation key(UP+Down) Qualcomm CPU
  • Jio LYF F90M Boot Keypress (OK) Qualcomm CPU
  • Jio LYF LF2403N Boot Keypress (*#) key Qualcomm Cpu
  • Jio LYF F120B Boot Keypress (*#) key Qualcomm Cpu
  • Jio Model LYF F41T Boot Keypress (1) key  (SPD CPU)
  • Jio LYF F50Y Boot Keypress (ok) button Qualcomm CPU
  • jio LYF f250y boot key navigation key(UP+Down) Qualcomm CPU
  • jio f220b boot key press (*) Qualcomm CPU
  • jio f211s boot key press (*) key SPD CPU
  • Jio f10q boot key press Navigation key (UP) Qualcomm CPU
  • Jio LYF lf2401 boot key press Navigation key (UP DOWN) SPD CPU
  • Jio LYF lf2402 boot key press Navigation key (UP DOWN) SPD CPU
  • Jio LYF F271i Boot Key (*) Button SPD CPU
  • Jio Lyf F221s Boot Key (*) Button CPU Type SPD

Jio F320B Flash File (Stock Rom) 100% Tested File 2023

Jio F320B Flash File (Stock Rom) 100% Tested File 2023

Download the LYF Jio F320B Flash File to install KAIOS OS on your phone. (Hang On Logo & Restart). The firmware flash tool has been systematically tested and is now available. Today, we will give a complete and detailed guide to flashing the official stock ROM on the Jio F320b cellphone. Jio F320b was released in 2021, But use 2021 2022 2023 All Time, but it is still the most popular low-cost keypad cellphone among Jio customers.

You can take amazing photographs with its 2 MP rear and 0.3 MP front cameras. Its 4 GB of internal memory may increase to 128 GB for entertainment. Its 1500 mAh battery enables you to chat for up to 15 hours and standby for up to 10 days.

Jio F320B Flash File (Stock Rom) 100% Tested File Download

  • LYF-F320B-002-02-58-140422 (Latest 2022) FREE
  • LYF-F320B-002-02-56-250322
  • LYF-F320B-002-02-49-301121
  • LYF-F320B-002-02-37-130921
  • LYF-F320B-002-01-83-131020

How to Flash LYF Jio F320b Flash File?

Install Qualcomm Driver

1- Download the LYF F320b Flash file, which consists of File, Tool & Driver.

2- Install Driver

3- Connect the Phone in Off mode and Press the Boot key Up Dpad+ Down Dpad or center key

4- It will make a port named “Qualcomm HS-USB Diagnostics 9091.”

5- That means the driver has been installed successfully.

6- Now Copy Only the Flash File Folder In the C driver.

7- Then Open Flashtool

8- Now select File Folder Location

9- Select Rawprogran and Patch File

10- Click On Download

11- Flashing Succes 100% Done.

If flashing fails or does not start, there must be a gap between the words when choosing the flash file. Rename the folder.

As in Qualcomm Flashing, there must be no gap between the words. Jio new should be replaced by jio_new or jionew.

All LYF Jio Boot Keys

jio boot key

Jio has released 20 connected keypad phones, all of which can flash using a flash tool such as UMT, incredible, SPD update tool, or QFIL by tapping the suitable boot key.

JIO Mobile                               Boot Keys

  • Jio F101K                           Press 3 key
  • Jio F30c                             UP Dpad + Down Dpad and Center key
  • Jio F41t                              Press 1 key
  • Jio F220b                          * & #
  • Jio F221s                           * & #
  • Jio F50y                             UP Dpad + Down Dpad (Center key)
  • Jio F90m                           UP Dpad + Down Dpad (Center key)
  • Jio F120b                           * & #
  • Jio LF2401                         Power Key
  • Jio LF2403                         * & #
  • Jio LF2402                         Power Key
  • Jio LF-2403N                    EDL MODE * # KEY
  • Jio F81 E                              2+5 KEY to overturn.
  • Jio F10Q                              EDL MODE * & # KEY
  • Jio F210Q                           * & #
  • Jio F61F                              ACCEPT KEY to suppress
  • Jio F27i                               * & #
  • Jio LF-2403S                     * & #
  • Jio F271i                             * & #
  • Jio F320B                           * Boot Key

The Steps Essential In Pressing The Boot Key

  1. Please turn off your phone, remove the battery, then replace it.
  2. Hold the select button and join the USB wire after the mobile to the computer.
  3. The flashing process starts once you release the choose button.

Helpful Resources – How Many Milliseconds in a Second?


The Jio F320b Boot Key concludes our All LYF Jio Boot Key of Jio Devices conversation. And also, EDL mode, known as download mode, is essential for Jio devices. In this post, we will review several ways to enable EDL and download modes on LYF Jio mobiles for different situations. We,, hope these LYF Jio boot keys benefit you.

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