Instagram Not Letting Me Post Multiple Photos


Instagram not letting me post multiple life that need more than an image to explain a moment, an experience, a feeling, or an emotion. So Instagram made it a necessity and allows you to upload multiple photos to Instagram in the same post. Although you may have trouble posting multiple photos on Instagram, don’t worry if there are ways to get rid of these problems. In this director, we’ll show you how to comment on and post multiple photos to Instagram feed and stories, as well as ways to fix your posting problem.

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Instagram got rid of some photos?

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Until Instagram’s recent update, users could share multiple photos in a single post (known as an Instagram carousel) by tapping and selecting the Select Multiple button. After the new design, this button changed, which made users wonder why they couldn’t post multiple photos on Instagram and still could post multiple photos on Instagram. Fortunately, this feature has not been removed and is still available. In this blog post, we will explain how to post multiple photos to Instagram posts and stories and everything you need to know to fix Instagram not allowing multiple photos to be posted error.

Why make an Instagram ride? Instagram multiple photos/videos?

Before showing comment, posting multiple photos on Instagram, and fixing not being able to post multiple photos on Instagram errors, let’s see how the carousel comment feature can help and why you should start using it.

They in the biggest deal

According to Social insider, Instagram banners have higher engagement rates for all types of posts, up to 5.13 times higher than image posts. This makes banners a great way to boost your Instagram presence and get more reach. So instead of spamming and sharing messages every day, try posting multiple photos on Instagram in one post and get more engagement.

You can integrate all kinds of content

Another reason why you can use IG to post multiple photos and videos is the ability to share different types of content in a single post. You can use a combination of image and video to share creative content instead of sharing it to 10 different posts, which is spam. So if you have a problem with Instagram not being able to post multiple photos, it’s better to try to fix the problems you already have and the things you are using.

Perfect for educational content.

If you want to share educational content and explanations, you can use Instagram captions to include details. However, to create eye-catching content, you can share your content as an image on Instagram banners. By designing your texts and sharing your data in the form of images to explain a concept, you can attract users and increase the number of likes. In the next part, we will show you how to comment, post multiple photos on Instagram and use this cool feature perfectly.

Do you comment posting multiple photos on Instagram?

You can share up to ten photos and videos from the court in an Instagram post called a carousel album. Now let’s add a comment and add multiple photos to Instagram post from phone or Instagram desktop.

Application Instagram

If you’ve ever wondered why I can’t add multiple photos to Instagram after the new update, don’t worry. Here is a comment to share multiple photos on Instagram in one post.

  • Log in to your Instagram account and tap the “+” button on your feed page to open the photos on your device.
  • Create your gallery and click the “Create Articles” button. Now you can select all the way to cut photos and videos.

Add your filters and settings.

  • Write your caption, hashtags, tag users and share the post like you always do.

How to Fix Instagram Not Letting Me Post Multiple Photos

How to Fix Instagram Not Letting Me Post Multiple Photos

1. Press and hold on a photo.

When you post multiple pictures on Instagram, you can click the multi-select icon to choose multiple photos. If this does not work, you can press and hold on a photo, and then you’ll have the option to choose different pictures.

Please note that if your photos are in different aspect ratios, you need to choose the first photo and then tap the icon in the bottom left corner to crop it to change it to the desired aspect ratio.

Then, you can select other images and they will adhere to the same aspect ratio on Instagram.

2. Check your network connection.

If your Android phone or iPhone isn’t connected to valid Wi-Fi or doesn’t get cellular data enabled, it’s impossible to post multiple photos on Instagram successfully.

When Instagram doesn’t allow you to select and post multiple pictures, you should disconnect and reconnect your network to fix the problem. It’s a common troubleshooting tip for any Instagram issues like stories or reels not working, filters not working, music not working, and more.

3. Delete Instagram cache.

Another solution to Instagram not letting you post multiple photos is to clear Instagram caches. For Android users, open the Settings app, and click Apps > Instagram > Storage > Clear cache.

iPhone users need to uninstall the Instagram app and reinstall it again to delete Instagram caches. In this way, they’ll get the latest version of the Instagram app.

Android users can also update the Instagram app in the Google Play Store.

After that, restart the Instagram app and check if you can share multiple pictures on Instagram post.

4. Post multiple photos on from a computer

If you still can’t post multiple pictures on the Instagram app for Android or iOS, you can visit the Instagram website from your computer and share up to 10 photos.

Open from a computer and log in with your account, click the Create button on the left side, and click Select from computer to choose your images.

Wait for Instagram to fix it

More often, if you do not manage to publish multiple photos, the problem is located on the side of Instagram. It is not rare that social media platforms like Instagram encounter temps and temps with problems with a particular application functionality. So, be patient and let Instagram solve the problem.

If you always encounter the problem after a few hours (or a few days), there is a strong chance that the disturbance is on your side. Below you will find ways to fix any problems that may come from your device, your application or your Internet connection.

Turn off Data Saver

If posting photos while in motion and the error appears, it is possible that your mobile data is used up or that it is limited by the data saver.

To make sure that the data protector does not prevent you from downloading your photos and videos, access the settings of your Instagram profile > Account > Mobile data usage and deactivate the data protector.


Generally speaking, the reason why you can’t post multiple photos on Instagram include in-app bugs, the network, or other things about the Instagram app. You can restart and update the Instagram app to fix the problem.

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