Four Signs You Might Be Addicted To Shopping On Your Smartphone

It’s so easy to purchase what we want these days from the comfort of our own home. Within a few taps we’ve loaded up a store and made a purchase through our smartphone, with what we want arriving directly to our door just a few days later.

That can be dangerous though.

Behavioural addiction, including addiction to shopping, is on the rise and many rehab treatment centres are actually seeing more people seek treatment during what are trying times economically.

There are various reasons as to why it is a danger. Addiction can cause a wide range of problems, from leading to increased anxiety, depression and stress to causing issues in relationships, and not to mention the financial implications an addiction to shopping can have, making it difficult to play bills and increasing the likelihood of debt.

But how exactly do you know if you have an addiction to shopping online or via your smartphone?

Check your smartphone usage

Firstly, see just how much time you’re spending on online shopping sites and apps. There are ways you can check app usage on your smartphone, and even if it may not be purchasing, if you’re spending hours upon hours of time looking through online stores for nothing in particular, then it may be a warning sign.

Of course, comparing this usage with your purchases is also a good thing to do.

Thinking about online shopping all the time and feeling like you can’t stop

If you are thinking about online shopping consistently, as well as when you’re online and feel like you can’t stop shopping then, just as is the case with drinking alcohol or taking drugs, there is definitely a problem with your activity.

What’s more, if you’ve tried previously to stop but failed, then it may well be time to seek out help with addiction to shopping

Those close to you have called you out on it

People don’t tend to call out others on matters unless they really do feel it is a problem. So, if a family member or friend has suggested you may have a problem with online shopping, then chances are you probably do.

It can often lead to arguments and fallings out, but they are only doing it for your own benefit, so take their thoughts on board and consider whether you do have a problem with how much time you are spending online shopping.

Buying items your don’t need, can’t afford or, in some cases, don’t even want

Spending beyond your means is a sure sign of a problem, while if you’re purchasing something you don’t want or need then there is something not quite right. Think back over your more recent purchases and it may well be the wake-up call you need to seek out help.

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