Eat Fish for Health – Help to lose Weight, and More

Help to lose weight

Fish for Health In general, It is less fat than meat. Now, don’t forget that white fish (hake, cod, or monkfish) provide much less quantity than blue fish (sardines, tuna, or salmon). And in addition, the fat they provide is much healthier than that of fish.

eat fish

The number of calories in fish will depend on how you cook it. Better grilled, steamed, or baked than fried or breaded. Promotes intellectual development

Fish for Health is one of the main bases of minerals like zinc and phosphorus, and vitamin A, B12, or folic acid, nutrients involved in concentration, memory, and learning.

Bluefish, such as mackerel, anchovy, or sardines, are great for activating cognitive abilities.

Strengthen your bones

There are species whose thorns eat mainly the smaller ones. Fresh or canned sardines or anchovies allow you to eat them whole and get extra calcium for your bones. As much as a glass of milk!

Remember to include in your diet foods that contain vitamin D (dairy products, salmon, or eggs) that help to assimilate the intake of calcium. To say it from some

Take care of your heart

White and bluefish protect the health of our hearts. On the one hand, the former barely contain any fat (it does not exceed 2% of their weight). On the other, the fat of the blues, in particular their polyunsaturated fatty acids, is beneficial for cardiovascular health.

The fat in oily fish increases HDL (“good”) cholesterol levels, lowers LDL (“bad”) cholesterol levels, and therefore minimizes the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Easily digestible

Fish has little fibrous protein and little collagen compared to meat. The less collagen a food contains, the more tender it is. For this reason, a slice of hake is softer than a fillet of beef, and it will cost you a lot less to digest it.

Delicate stomachs have many options for taking care of themselves in different types of fish. Think that the possibilities are endless between the different species and the different ways of cooking them.

But for this to be the case, it is crucial to know how you prepare it and what you accompany it. It is of little use to cook a sole on the grill if the garnish is sautéed potatoes. Choose steamed vegetables, whole grains, baked potatoes.

Nourish the Muscles

Fish has a healthy dose of protein, just as much as meat or eggs. This nutrient is essential for muscle recovery after exercise and for organs to maintain and develop properly.

The consumption of fish by children is essential for their growth. If they resist, choose soft white fish or try cuttlefish. They are generally better accepted than other thorny species.

 Increase defenses

Regular consumption of fish strengthens the defenses. Omega 3 acids in fish are an essential ally of the immune system because they enhance it.

Omega 3 acids have also shown to help fight inflammatory processes, rashes, and fatigue.

Eight he cooks in a thousand ways

Don’t limit yourself to hake or sardines. Including fish in the menu for the week is very easy because apart from having a wide variety of species to choose from, the way they prepare can be very different. There are recipes and combinations for all tastes.

Frozen fish is an inexpensive option because current techniques retain all the nutrients.

In addition to the classic shapes, you can prepare donuts or croquettes, cakes, quiches, include it as an ingredient in pasta or rice salads, scrambled eggs, soups

The Benefits of Consuming Fish

In Spain, we like to eat fish. Now, not as much as our neighbors, the Portuguese, who, according to the European Commission for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, consume 15 kilos more than the Spaniards. In our country, we consume an average of 42.3 kilograms per year.

We Eat Less Fish than Recommended

Figures that are justified for both nutritional and gastronomic reasons. And it is that this food has, in general, a valuable table of nutritional values. At the same time, it presents a great variety of species which multiplies its possibilities in the kitchen.

Experts recommend eating fish 2-3 times a week combining white and blue

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