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Dropped beer bottle linked suspect to Delano cemetery shooting: reports

Dropped beer bottle linked suspect to Delano cemetery shooting_ reports

Police may have had a more challenging time identifying Ray Anthony Torres if he’d laid off beer. A Budweiser bottle dropped by a man who witnesses said was the gunman in a fatal shooting at North Kern Cemetery had Torres’ DNA on it, according to newly released court documents. Witnesses told investigators they saw the shooter drinking beer by a gravesite moments before he opened fire.

Bolstering the case against the 19-year-old was surveillance video that showed the shooter running from the cemetery. A probation officer who examined the footage said the gunman strongly resembled Torres, who had been part of his caseload two years ago, according to documents filed by Delano police.

Investigators examined a DMV photo that showed Torres with two white metal earrings in each ear — just like the gunman. And a slight slant to the left side of his lips that was also noticeable in footage of the shooter, the documents say. Arrested in August in Ohio, Torres is charged with first-degree murder and faces a life term in prison if convicted. His next hearing is Dec. 7. More Information on this reports.

Shooting in Delano leaves two people dead and one injured

The Tulare County Sheriff’s Office has confirmed that a second person involved in the Delano drive-by shooting has died.

A drive-by shooting in Delano has left one person dead, and two others airlifted to a hospital. According to early reports, the shooting took place around 4:20 pm Monday in the area of County Line and Road 136 in Delano. The Tulare County Sheriff’s Office was called, and when deputies arrived, they found one man dead.

A short time later, three victims came to the Delano Police Department headquarters asking for help. A silver car was also found in the middle of the parking lot with what appeared to be shattered windows. One detective who spoke with 23ABC says the scene is going to be handled by the Tulare County Sheriff’s Office.

Delano’s Top of the Week: National Day Returns

Delano's Top of the Week_ National Day Returns

Ara City Radio’s Monday morning slot featured Simon Claridge and Teodor Georgiev talking about the upcoming National Day celebrations. Which will be back with a complete program for the first time with the COVID-19 pandemic breakout.

Festivities were scaled down during the pandemic, resulting in very quiet celebrations of the Grand Duke’s birthday. This year, the program will feature the traditional torch-lit parade going through Luxembourg City from around 9.20 pm. The procession passes by a unique platform from where the grand duke and other royal family members will be watching. The parade will be followed around 11 pm by a 17-minute fireworks display. And the party will continue long into the night as bars and clubs will open late.

Delano man’s murder convictions upheld by appellate court in shooting deaths of two men

A Delano man’s murder convictions were upheld by an appellate court that found his right against self-incrimination wasn’t violated when the trial court allowed his confession into evidence.

Carlos Razo Cervantes, 36, will continue to serve life in prison without the possibility of parole following the ruling by the 5th District Court of Appeal. He was convicted two years ago in the shooting deaths of Jeffrey Eric Villegas, 51, and Jose Ceja, 30.

Cervantes argued on appeal that changes in the penal code requiring electronic recordings of certain statements made while in custody applied retroactively to him. Specifically, the penal code now says interrogations of all people suspected of committing murder must be recorded in their entirety. There are certain exceptions listed in the code.

The confession made by Cervantes was recorded on a cellphone in four separate clips. According to the appellate court opinion filed Wednesday. The court, however, found the amended portions of the code did not apply retroactively to exclude Cervantes’ confession.


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