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Daily motion video is rated as the second most significant platform for watching videos online, and it is one of the biggest competitors against YouTube. Here, users can enjoy browsing; they can upload videos by simply initiating a search based on channels, tags, and user-created groups. The maximum file size for any video over Dailymotion can be 4GB, whereas the maximum duration is restricted to 60 minutes.

  • It was created in 2005 and is well-known as a French Website.
  • It allows users to upload, share, and video videos with ease.
  • Dailymotion can be used to make money online by simply sharing videos on social media sites.
  • You can find millions of videos on Dailymotion, and lots of fresh content is updated daily with high-quality videos.

Advantages of Daily motion Video

  • Customize to fit your business—100% customizable white-label video Player.
  • Arm up with cutting-edge Player technology.
  • Top-notch HTML5 and 4K quality.
  • Scale your video library and enhance delivery.
  • Streamline video management.
  • Make data-driven decisions with actionable insights.

The goal of Daily motion Video

Dailymotion goal is to step away from the noise and content saturation to focus on providing its users with first-rate videos that resonate with each individual in a more ethical and improved watching environment.

How to Use DailyMotion?

How to Use DailyMotion?


  1. Create an Account or Log in
  • To create your account on Dailymotion, you must visit Dailymotion.com from your browser and then hit the Sign-in option.
  • When you hit the sign-in option, it will open a new Popup window on your screen. You can fill out the form by entering your email ID and Password. Finally, hit the Create option.
  • Now, one more popup window will be opened on your device. In this window, you must select your Dailymotion account user name. Check if your preferred username is available on the list, then click the Create button. Your account is ready now.

2. How to stream on Dailymotion?

Streaming videos on the Dailymotion platform is much easier, and beginners can easily follow the process.

Note: To use live streaming functionality, you must be a partner.

Here are a few simple steps to stream on Dailymotion:

  1. Hit the Upload a Video button on your Dailymotion page as a placeholder, but it must be over 30 seconds.
  2. Choose your video from the computer or start recording with a webcam. It allows a maximum of 60 minutes for videos and can quickly process HD videos.
  3. Go to your video’s page and then click the Edit button on the top left of the video player.
  4. Then, choose Live from the radial menu.
  5. Set up your stream and encoder, and you can use Xsplit Broadcaster, OBS, and Wirecast.
  6. Complete your provided server address and stream name.
  7. Then, start to push your stream.

Is Dailymotion Safe?

Dailymotion is rated 92% safe with an 87% child safety parameter. Still, to improve child safety, one needs to use additional filters over the browser. As this site usually follows different ads that are not rated as suitable for kids to ensure 100% safety, adding other filters on the channel is better. Another idea to improve ad safety is adding ad blockers like Adguard or ad blockers.

How to Download Daily motion Video?

How to Download Dailymotion Videos


If you want to download Dailymotion videos on your device, then it is good to use Telechargerunevideo.com to avail of a fast and safe download service. Here are a few essential steps for executing the download process:

  • Step 1: First, you need to copy the URL of your Dailymotion video and then paste it over the specified location on the Telechargerunevideo.com page.
  • Step 2: In the second step, select your video file format. Your website will provide you with many options, and you need to choose one compatible with your player.
  • Step 3: Now, hit the download button on-screen to initiate the downloading process.

Can we earn money from Dailymotion?

Once you’ve enabled monetization, you can earn revenue from website monetization by embedding Dailymotion videos on your verified websites. On Dailymotion, many videos are served with in-stream advertisements—ads that appear before, during, or after videos (learn more about ad formats)


Thus, if you love watching and sharing videos online, you must be familiar with Dailymotion. There is no doubt that Dailymotion is one of the most prominent video sites for people around the world.

It allows users to upload, share, and video videos with ease. Dailymotion can be used to make money online by simply sharing videos on social media sites. Like YouTube, Dailymotion allows users to upload and share videos.

However, the platform has a slightly different focus. While YouTube is known for its library of user-generated content, Dailymotion videos place more emphasis on professionally produced content.

Dailymotion, the social video site, offers a mix of individual videos, channels, and professional content. The Dailymotion app for Hootsuite allows you to upload videos, search for and view videos within the dash, share videos to your social networks, and more.

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