The best lipstick for your zodiac sign

zodiac signs lips From a deep red lipstick to a baby pink or jet black finish, L’OFFICIEL guides your lips through a selection of lipsticks for each zodiac sign.


And it is that your mark and personality are more united than you thought. Astrologer Rebecca Gordon explains how to choose the right lipstick zodiac signs lips. Was it right?

We already know which lipsticks last all night, but have you ever wondered if your zodiac sign has anything to do with choosing the perfect pencil? If not, consider our suggestions because your poster can tell a lot about the lipstick you should be using.

We have often heard that each zodiac sign has a defined personality that affects all areas of our lives (including beauty and makeup style). So if you are an Aries woman, you will be betting on something simple but eye-catching. Do you like to experiment with fashion and beauty and keep coming up with new trends? You’re likely an Aquarius, so don’t hesitate to get yourself some blue lipstick.


Cancer, Taurus, Capricorn, and Pisces women are likely to go for a more natural or nude shade because people are classy and classy. On the other hand, Scorpios are magnetic and intense and are attracted to dark colors with a matte finish or a slight shimmer in the middle. Finally, Gemini and Sagittarius women rely on fresh and young styles that show their curiosity. So it doesn’t surprise us that Libra, Virgo, and Leo women bet on something feminine.

Just right? In the end, everything writes in the stars.

According to the expert, Aries people can describe as brave, confident, and entrepreneurial in business and love. Well, well, well! Now we understand why Aries boys always attract us! When it comes to a makeup routine, an Aries woman likes something pretty simple. “To bring out your true colors in the office or bedroom, choose a bright, uncompromising shade (with a creamy finish) with a defined line around the lip. This look conveys confidence

Now, as the world returns to normal, tips for lipstick lovers can flaunt their lips. With the ability to add that pop of color back to your everyday look, what better explanation to treat yourself to a new shade? We have put together a selection of lipsticks that will adapt to you according to your zodiac sign in search of inspiration. From the classic red, perfectly combined with the fire signs, to a vampiric and distinctive moment for Scorpio,

Aries zodiac signs lips

You are a passionate luxury lover who would never shy away from a small drama like Aries. Chanel Rouge Coco Bloom offers a high-gloss, moisturizing lip color in vibrant hues that will stand out.


As a permanent mark in the Earth group, they are reliable and unwavering, possibly even a little stubborn, and they need lipstick that they can wear day and night, season after season. This Chantecaille Lip Chic collection is bright and light, adding subtle color.


Gemini is highly adaptable and adapts to all environments. Embrace your versatility with this gorgeous nude shade from Ilia.


No wonder the attention-grabbing Leo goes best with Jimmy Choo’s Golden Choo lipstick with its long-lasting gold-satin finish, perfect for the summer season.


Virgos are precise, clean, and generally considered selective, so rediscover the selection with Le Stylo. With a slim, rounded contour to color your lips in one unique movement, this berry lipstick is a sheer pleasure to apply and even more enjoyable to wear.


Where Aries enjoys a touch of bright red, our newest fire sign, Sagittarius, often takes on a darker alternative in a plum shade. So what better choice than Estée Lauder’s Pure Color Envy Sculpting Lipstick with its expressiveness?


Capricorn loves the classic look, and there is nothing more classic than Glossier’s Generation G; with its reduced pigment that adapts to your natural lip, it brings the touch of pink you have dreamed.

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