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Beauty and the beast vhs most of us have a bunch of old VHS tapes lying around the house somewhere. When we located kids, one of the most common things we calm was VHS tapes with different types of cartoons and movies.

However, some people growing up in the 80s and 90s were severe Disney fans. These folks have loads of Disney VHS tapes, which makes us wonder: do they have more than sentimental value?

Cartoons like The Little Mermaid, Petar Pan, Aladdin, Cinderella and Bambi were among the most popular at the time. Today, all of these VHS tapes fetch high prices in the online market, but one has achieved a special status: Beauty and the Beast.

If you are an avid Disney fan, you will be very interested to know more about it. That’s why we decided to do a thorough investigation and find out if the rumors about the value of Beauty and the Beast VHS are true. Stay tuned.

Brief Answer on the History of Disney VHS Tapes

Did you know that in 25 years, 179 Disney VHS tapes have been released? However, Disney’s first VHS tape didn’t hit the market that easily.

Before the 1980s, Disney was very strict about releasing certain films like Snow White, Bambi, and Pinocchio on tape; in fact, the advice was so brutal that the plan was never to remove them as a home video.

However, as the generations grew, they realized that the new generations deserved to see the classic Disney films, but from the comfort of their homes. In the early 1980s, the council agreed to release Robin Hood on VHS tape to study the market.

Types of Disney VHS Tapes

Black Diamond Collection

The most sought-after and valuable collection is the Black Diamond collection, with its 20 tapes released between 1984 and 1994. Some of the Black Diamond tapes have sold for tens of thousands of dollars, while others have reached a price of $30.

As with all antique items, the estimated value depends on the quality of the tape. If it’s in near-perfect condition, it can sell for a premium. If it has been use, the price will be significantly reduced. To get if your VHS tape belongs to the Black Diamond collection, there must be a black diamond logo on the back of the tape. The most valuable Black Diamond tapes are Beauty and the Beast and The Little Mermaid.

Comic Book Classics Collection

The cartoon classics edition was one of the longest-running Disney VHS lines. This edition was released in 2 series. The first dated from 1983-1986 and the second from 1987-1992.

You will recognize this edition by the label “Cartoon Classics, inscribed on the cover. The first series had this phrase written in a white box with the wizard Mickey. The second series also featured a white term but was accompanied by iconic Disney characters on brightly coloured backgrounds.

Cartoon Classics Gold Limited Edition

These editions are taken from the Cartoon Classics edition. The main difference is that this series featured classic Disney-exclusive shorts. The first series was released in 1984, and the second in 1985.

How do you know your VHS tape is from this limited gold edition? Look for a smartly dressed Disney character on the cover against a gold background. Additionally, the tape must have the phrase “Cartoon Classics – Limited Gold Edition” written in a black box.

Collection Of Masterpieces

The Disney Masterpieces collection was released between 1994 and 1999. What sets this edition apart from others is that this series featured the first home video release of Snow White.

How to determine that your VHS is a Disney Work of art VHS? All VHS tapes in this collection have the word Masterpiece stamped in all capital letters on the cover. Additionally, most Masterpiece editions have the phrase “Walt Disney Masterpieces Collection” on a purple background with a silver holographic castle logo.

Classic Gold Group

The Disney Gold Classic Group is well known for featuring new-age movies that were very popular with children between 2000 and 2001. This series started with Toy Story and ended with Oliver and Company’s VHS tape.

All of these VHS tapes are branded “Gold Collection” on the spine and cover. Also, look for the gold castle logo on a red background and the word Classic printed below.

Platinum Edition

Disney Platinum Editions include Disney’s 13 best-selling animated classics. All of these films were digitally remastere and release from 2001 to 2009. While the plan was to state all 13 movies on VHS and DVD versions, only eight platinum edition films were made on VHS. The last edition on VHS was of The Little Mermaid in 2007.

How will you identify this VHS? The phrase “Platinum Edition” will written on a silver holographical background on the lid of the box.

What is the value of the Beauty and the Beast VHS tape?

There are many different VHS versions of Beauty and the Beast. It means that some editions are scarce, and many collectors will gladly pay good money for them.

As with all of Disney’s other VHS tapes, the rarest and most valuable is the Black Diamond Edition. This edition of the Beauty and the Beast VHS tape was release in 1992 in limited numbers and is very hard to find. Also, the 1993 Spanish and 1991 Aboriginal Australian releases of this tape are very dear and quite hard to find.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do VHS tapes degrade over time?

All VHS tapes degrade over time, even precious, high-quality ones like the Black Diamond series. You can’t prevent the magnetic tape from deteriorating over the years. The video will dry out and flake off; no matter how you store it, your images will be damage. They just aren’t made to last for decades. The real value resides only in the intact tape.

What is the latest Disney VHS release?

There are many different versions of almost every Disney movie. However, there is one classic movie that got a sequel: Bambi. Bambi II was releaseon VHS tape on February 7, 2006, and it the last Disney film to be release on VHS.

In the end, are our Disney VHS tapes worth anything?

You should know that the Black Diamond editions were the original VHS versions of the first release. In terms of money, most Disney VHS tapes aren’t worth much. However, some special editions like the Black Diamond collection can be worth thousands, according to some experts.

The best information I can give you is to keep in mind that an item is only worth the amount someone is willing to pay. The main reason these VHS tapes aren’t worth much is that the market oversaturated. During Yeast 25, over 25 million VHS tapes were sold, and everyone thought their sample was worth a lot.

Now is the list of some of the highest Beauty and the Beast Back Diamond Edition prices obtained online in October 2022!

  1. Beauty and the Beast (VHS, 1992, Black Diamond Classic) – $7,200
  2. Beauty and the Beast (VHS, 1992, Disney Classic Black Diamond Edition) – $4,500
  3. Beauty and the Beast (VHS, 1992, Black Diamond Classic) – $3,700
  4. Beauty and the Beast (VHS, 1992, Black Diamond Classic) – $2,000
  5. Black Diamond Edition RARE Beauty and the Beast (VHS, 1992) – $1,800
  6. Beauty and the Beast (VHS, 1992, Black Diamond Classic) – $900

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