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Apply For Credit Card Amazon – Just as there are endless selections at the site, Amazon offers many credit cards across several issuers, each with different features.

Charging your purchases on an Amazon credit card can be a rewarding decision if you’re a frequent Amazon shopper. But just as Amazon has a dizzying amount of choices to shop for on its website, the retailer also offers many credit card options.

Amazon offers six different credit cards, across three different issuers, with eight potential rewards structures depending on whether you’re an Amazon Prime customer and whether you’re using the card for personal spending or for business purchases. Here’s what you need to know about your options, and how to choose which one is right for you.

How to Apply for an Amazon Credit Card

If you enjoy shopping on, you might be pleased to learn that you can get credit cards through Amazon to use entirely on your site. Amazon offers four different credit cards that its members can use when shopping on its website, so you can choose the card you find most advantageous. You must be a US occupant with a US SSN or individual TIN to apply, so be sure to have your information ready when you use it.

Choose A Card

Choose a Prime Visa Signature card if you have a Prime membership. The Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Sign Card is the most popular option, returning 5% of your money from Amazon and Whole Foods, 2% from restaurants, pharmacies, and gas stations, and 1% of your money in all additional purchases. You won’t be electric extra for using the card outside the country, and it offers protection against fraud and theft; however, you may be charged 14-24% interest, depending on your credit score.

  • Chase Bank provides the Visa Signature card, so you can search their website for any other data you need.
  • And You can only use a Prime Visa card with an Amazon Prime subscription.

Choose the store card for more accessible support. If you have an Amazon Prime relationship, the supply card gives you 5% of your money back on all your Amazon purchases. When you sign up for the card, a $60 praise will be automatically charged to your Amazon account; however, the interest rate on this card is 25.99%, regardless of your credit score.

  • Synchronicity Bank provides this card.
  • You can use this card for other buying, but we won’t refund you unless you use it on Amazon items.
  • This card is easier to approve because you receive less money overall.

Apply for a Visa Signature card at a lower interest rate.

The Amazon Prizes Visa Signature Card is similar to the Visa Prime Card but only gives you back 3% of your money on Amazon purchases. The 2% cashback from pharmacies, cafeterias, and gas stations leftovers the same, as well as the 1% cashback from other investments and fraud protection. The notice rate depends on your credit score but ranges from 14 to 24%

  • Chase Bank also provides this card.
  • You do not need a Prime subscription to apply for this card.

Choose a business card if you have an Amazon business. The Amazon Business Prime American Direct Card offers 5% cashback on Amazon purchases, 2% cashback at gas stations, restaurants, and pharmacies, and 1% cashback on select other investments. However, you can only apply for this card if you have a registered business, and your business name will be required on the application.

  • American Express provides this card.
  • Interest rates for this credit card be contingent on your credit score at the time of your application.

Apply For A Credit Card In The Credit Card Market

The Credit Card Market allows you to search for new credit cards that meet your needs from US financial institutions.

To apply for a credit card:

  1. Search the credit card market for the credit card you want to apply for.
  2. Select Apply Now.

You will access the credit card application on the financial institution’s website.

  1. Complete the application.
  2. Select Submit Request.

The financial society will inform you of the decision.

If you applied for a credit card through the credit card marketplace that suggests an Gift card motivation and your application is approve, the credit card issuer will offer your gift card to you. If you usually have your Gift Card or believe the Gift Card amount is incorrect. Please contact the financial institution that approved your request.

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