American Manicure

How to do a American Manicure

American Manicure There is more to a stunning manicure than just filing and covering your nails with nail polish. The way you groom your face is an elaborate ritual. And who said you have to pay a nail designer to get fabulous nails? You can do it yourself from the comfort of your own home. Here is a simple director that you can follow to get your manicure done at home.

Easy manicure at home: a step-by-step guide

Before you begin, collect all of the manicure tools you need for the perfect manicure. These are the things you need

First, remove the nail polish you used. Use an acetone-free nail polish remover and cotton pads to remove old nail polish gently.

Acetone-free nail polish removers do not dry out the skin around the nails. Acetone-based nail skill removers work much faster but can harm your nails. If you use a nail control remover more than once a month, it is best to use an acetone-free nail polish remover.

Cut and file your nails – American Manicure

Use the nail shears to trim your nails. Avoid hurtful them too short. Then use the nail file to figure them. To keep it simple, square nails with rounded edges or simple rounded nails are best.

When filing your nails, be careful not to pull the file from side to side with too much force. Don’t file them too short. It just smooths out any rough lines and edges that the nail clippers left behind. Use slightly abrasive nail polish to smooth the tips of your nails. However, please do not polish the nails too smooth. Otherwise, the nail polish will not adhere to your nails.

Soak your nails (and hands) – American Manicure

Take a large glass container (big enough to hold the palms of your hands) and fill it with warm water. Add baby shampoo or a mild detergent and soak your hands in it for a few minutes (maximum 3 minutes).

Soaking the cuticles will help make them softer. Use a soft nail brush to clean the nails and surrounding skin to remove traces of dirt. Don’t forget to scratch under your nails. Avoid getting your nails and hands too wet, as this can damage them.

Apply cuticle cream and prepare cuticles – manicure

Clean your nails and hands and knead some cuticle cream onto your nails. Then use a shell pusher to push the cuticle back gently. Don’t apply too much heaviness, as this can push the cuticles in too far and damage your nails. It also increases your balance of receiving an infection.

When the cuticles are clean, wipe the excess cream off your nails. If you’re not using cuticle cream, you can also apply some cuticle remover to lighten the cuticles.

Applying a moisturizer for hands – manicure

Massage your hands with moisturizing hand cream. Use a rich, thick cream for intense moisture. If you want, you can level soak your hands in warm water for 30 seconds before putting on the moisturizer.

Prepare your nails for polishing: manicure

Nail polish won’t stick to your nails if they have too much moisturizer. So you have to clean it. Take a cotton ball or cloth, spread over some nail polish remover, and use it to clean your nails.

Apply a thin base coat – manicure

Use a clear nail polish as the base coat. You can even use white nail polish as a base coat to bring out your nail polish color. It will prevent your nails from discoloring (especially if you are wearing red or blue) shades. In addition, a base coat helps the nail polish to last longer.

Apply ATop Coat – manicure

Once the base coat has dehydrated, apply a thin layer of your favorite nail polish on top. Before applying nail polish, roll the glass between your hands. Avoid shaking it as this will create air bubbles and make it challenging to adhere to your nails.

Paint vertical stripes starting from the base of the nail to the tip. Before applying another layer, let the previous layer dry.

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