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About almond eyes

Almond Eye When it comes to fascinating eyes, some women have a natural border over others. If your blue pearl, brown beautiful, divine Auburn, beautiful green eyes, eyes, or wonderful black beads are almond-shaped, girls, you have what it takes. The almond-shaped eyes are widespread and the “ideal way” by mask artist Victoria Bush. Use eyes makeup and the shape of your eyebrows to make extravagant eyes.

Identify an Almond Eye

The inner corner of the eye almond resembles the conical tip of the almond and round up and out to make a slightly elevated outside corner. Women from many different ethnic groups can have almond-shaped eyes.

For many women, Eyeliner is used to hide imperfections in the eyes. But not for you, happy woman. I can use Almost every piece of makeup with Eyeliner regarding the almond. Since the almond shape is ideal for daily eyeliner makeup, use this excellent way to improve. First, wear the lining on the outer half of its upper and lower line, so your eyes are more extensive and have romantic eyelashes. Then, pay attention to painting with light strokes and gently in the direction of the center, darken and thicken towards the outer corner.

Normal eyes or Almond Eye

His name is the same way it has “almonds” and is the most common way known as “normal eyes.”

Most of the population has almond-shaped eyes with outwardly inclined outer edges.

These eyes are usually symmetrical, and the more accentuated eyebrows facilitate almond form.

To find out if your eyes are almond-shaped, you have to keep the eyelid open your eyes open if you see it quickly, then you have almond-shaped eyes.

It drew the process of the outer edge of the eye up and outside.

The elimination of the expression of the eyes that causes a sad and tired look, where the lower eyelid is usually inclined, can be achieved with the aesthetics of the almonds.

The method can be carried out by surgery or permanently can temporarily carry out with organic threads.

In the surgical procedure, the outer edge of the lid, we call the outer edge, is the procedure of the outer edge to pull up and outwards and sew on the bone membrane.

And also aesthetic almond with organic threads, the threads lead under the skin, and the outer edge stops up and outside.

In this method, the effectiveness of the thread changes with time thread absorption in the body. With the absorption of the line, the structure of the eye gives to its earlier form.

How to apply makeup for the eyes almonds to get more of them.

Games with optical illusions look more conspicuous thanks to cosmetics.

Lily Aldridge, Karlie Kloss, Bella Hadid, and Scarlett Johansson boast beautiful eyes. However, their eyes non mainly characterized by very big, on the contrary, almond-shaped, but they know how to apply makeup. With the small lid, you can get a lot of little eyes if you know how to apply makeup. Shadow, for example, helps highlight and emphasize the eye color but can also be proper form.

Although we know how to put on makeup, which makes a beauty phenomenon, the transformation is, as with the help of cosmetics almond larger an eye turning and, fairer teachers with brushes, you can always end up to be.

Can I use almond oil under the eyes?

Optionally, must specify the reasons for almond oil in this area. When you look to avoid fine lines, some products are specifically for this purpose. I recommend you to go to a specialist to decide which display for your skin type.

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